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  1. This is why I love the wip forum. Nice job Eldritch!
  2. From the 40 second mark to 1:09, it sounded just like the intro to FF6's "Celes Jump" theme. Anyone else expect it to break into that?
  3. Wow. I had 2 previous versions that were WIPs, but I can't believe how much better this final version is (and the creative ways it got better) Simply wow
  4. I'm normally sick and tired of seeing more FF remixes, but this remix is a welcome addition! The timewarping on the voice samples sounded a bit odd to me but they do fit nicely. The comments from zykO were right on. The drums, the piano, the guitar, all exquisitely done
  5. The intro has me guessing but by the time the ocarina/flute comes in, I'm convinced its a happy rendition and I don't think I could take an ending (endings seem over the top for upbeat songs), it just wouldn't loop well for me to listen to over and over again
  6. Did the first couple of notes throw anyone off? I instantly thought of U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday. I like this remix
  7. Well, I gave it a good listen. I must admit to being extremely impressed with how professional the remix sounds. However, I'll be the first to say that, at the moment, I don't like the remix itself. I think I might change my mind once the translation of the lyrics from the rap are posted. It's nothing personal against French or Rap, or French Rap But I'd like to know what's being said, especially when there's a lot of it in the remix.
  8. Cyber Akuma from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (level 8 difficulty) He was almost unstoppable, not too hard to get to, but once I was there, it took rematch after rematch. I had to fight his cheapness with my own regular Akuma (dash dash, hurricane kick into air super hadoken) Shin Akuma from Capcom vs. SNK 2 level 8 difficulty. Not quite as tough as the MSHvSF cyber incarnation, but I couldn't kill him. My brother finally killed him in a super close match, he used Haohmaru, appropriate demon killer. Blaster Master anyone? The last boss was fairly tough, but the fact that you couldn't save progress, there was no passwords, there were limited continues...insane. Back to the Future! timing in that game was insane, I don't think I ever got past the block kisses with your book level. I thought Yunalesca from FFX was pretty hard until I figured out how the zombie stuff worked in the game. Chrono Cross stuff... Criosphinx is easy if you stole the yellow plate from the Earth Dragon. Put it on Glenn, and let him house on the Sphinx You want hard? Try and beat Radius! In the very beginning in the training session! Sure he whoops you, and it's the first game right? So we jump in there with the game/continue+ option. He still crushes us. He'll take more turns if necessary to rapidly cast enough blue spells to kill you. Then we discover the wonders of the color plates After going through the game twice (being roughly * level 96) and armed with blue plate. Finally, we can take him down, and he can't stop us. Does he lose? Nooooooo.....he only comments that he must have trained you well!
  9. I loved the unsynch'd pianos and drums, I don't think it would have sounded right any other way. I didn't find any problems with the flute, are you guys cranking up the volume or listening to these at high vol on headphones with an amp? The guitar seemed unusual but fit perfectly with the piece in my opinion. Overall, great remix!
  10. This is my first post here. I've been a long time visitor of the site, but after hearing this remix, I just had post something. I definitely think this is one of THE best remixes the site has ever hosted.
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