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  1. What I love most about this piece is its ability to capture that exact same distant, creepy, dispondent feel of the original while presenting it in a whole new manner. I love the guitar riffs, and the whispering, humming voices that at times said nothing, but were used as music itself. At points this piece sounded very Diablo-esque during parts were it was almost all guitar. Which shouldn't be too surprising, as Diablo (especially the first) always tried to give that creepy feel. But of course, this piece itself has a bit of Diablo-like moods in it. I'd say my only dislike with the piece is the ending. THe heartbeat is great, it's not the sound, but the fact it seems to cut off too soon. It get's loud, fades down, and then just stops. I might have done a slower paced heartbeat, gradually becoming slower until it stops. And then sometimes the whispers seemed to not be completely in line with the rest of the music, but as I've only listened to this once, I'm sure it'll become more clear to me with a few more listenings. Overall, a great piece. It's not really a song in the sense of what's usually put out there, because this piece has a more artistic feel, and it's been awhile since I've listened to a good piece of art. On that note, this piece kicks ass, Van Gogh style!
  2. I knew for a FACT that System of a Down didn't do this... I just didn't know who. When I d/l it from the net (mutliple occassions) they either said sytem of a down or Weird Al. I was more inclined to Weird Al, but I knew neither one of them did this song. But after watching LegendaryFrog's music video of this song, I now know, and it was under my nose the whole time! Right here at our blessed OCR. Anywho, back to the point of this message thread. I really liked this song. It wasn't great musical genious, but it's an instant classic. The lyrics and the infliction of the singer's voice just make this enjoyable to listen to. It's right around in the same boat as Zelda 'The Music of my Groin' This song kicks ass, Hero of Time style!
  3. Gawd, what bothers me about this song is I recognize it, but for the life of me I can't remember which it is, and I'm usually able to pinpoint it. Maybe it was a lesser song, maybe my skills aren't what they used to be, or maybe this song followed what a "remix" is at heart, and gave it a new recipe while still maintaining that classic flavor (if we're going to go with the food theme Senor Pretzel started). This is one of those pieces that thats really great, but not in the way that stands out in others. It's sorta like the reluctant hero. It doesn't mean to be good, it's just trying to go on in life. All in all, great piece. Definitely goes on my list of more favorable pieces this site has offered. This song doesn't try to get all in your face, but it lets you know it's there. This song kicks ass discretely.
  4. Wow, not around 18? Actually I was gonna say 19 or 20, and 19 is still teen years because it was the whole 'teen' at the end. I just thought you were around my age by like a year or so because there were so many times you sounded a bit like me...it was freaky. I'll spare everyone from getting off topic with further inquiries about your voice since its more just out of my own personal insecurity. I'm not good with criticism. I can't word things very well, by SysteManiac has seemed to cover that for us all. Agreed your voice isn't the best of them, but it didn't turn me off from the feeling of the song, which is the whole point. As for lyrics...I guess they do seem cliche...but then again, I never pay attention to lyrics that much. Maybe a thesaurus would come in handy? You could still keep the meaning with a more original word... But I'm not being much of a help here. Awaiting future installments. Keep it up, because although this song does have alot of faults, it was original and different from what we usually hear around here. I wouldn't say you're the best as what you were at, but you got the passion for it, so thats enough to accomplish the mission. And remember, you can't please everyone. As soon as you change something, someone else will complain that it sucks. That's art... Oh, And to you SysteManiac.... Frenzied Gay Porn Mail Attack of the Wombat!!! -Colin (never underestimate a wombat...the name alone is crazy)
  5. Let me get the gripes outtaq the way first before I praise this song. Piano was a bit misplaced in a few parts, and the points where it hit just suddenly with piano would've been better as transitioned. Also the ending notesof the piano at the end of song sorta gave me an 'Irk' feeling. You voice was pretty good, and I do agree that you're probably still pretty teen (around 18 or so). Put different kinds of empahsis on different words. I would have done it differently, but as I listen to it more, it settles in. I think i'm listening to it right now for the fourth time in a row On a different note, I've heard my voice recorded and there were several moments where you sounded almost exactly like me. It was weird. Anywho, this song kicked but. I love the main theme of FF4. It always gets me emotional and still stands as one my favorite pieces Uematsu has ever done. Everytime I hear it, I get tingly and weak inside because the song itself is heroically tragic. It's happy, but the kind of happy that happens just after you killed the beast but not before it slaughtered all your friends. Yeah, so...sorry I can't explain it that well. Lyrics are amazing and I can see how they can be related to Cecil at different points. Alot of the time I related to it alot, with crap that I'm going through right now. ANd major props to doing original lyrics. You took an emotional song, and gave it lyrics you created from being stirred by this song. I love this piece even more now and you for doing it. I await any cleaner version and future installments from you. Purely amazing work. It kicks ass, Dark Knight style!
  6. I love kefka's theme. Thus if a remix on this site is down well enough with a theme I already love, then I'm going to love it as least just as much. Images of a crazy pyscho Kefka pop into my head, moving to the crazy, stompin' latin beat, marracas in hand. (Mind you these would be maraccas of immense power and death causing) Livin' La Vida Kefka coulda been another good title for this what with the latin feel of this piece. I love the trumpets. Being a trumpet player myself, I go crazy when I hear some good jazzy or latin mariachi-like beats. This piece isn't perfect, but it's definitely going down on my list of FF songs I predominantly listen to. The reverb was a bit weak and the percussion was really heavy and could've been countered with the actual melody being played stronger or less out there percussion. As stated earlier, a few good melody parts are underplayed because of this. As for the the repetitiveness, I didn't mind. The battle theme looped in there kept in fresh and flowin' enough to keep me interested enough in the end with a loop to replay it over again. Muy Caliente, Senor NoppZ. This song takes both Enrique Inglesias and Ricky Martin, turns 'em over, and gives each a swick kick to the rear. Ass-kickin' the Desperado way! (Sorry for all of the latin references. Couldn't help myself!)
  7. Hmmm, musta been my ears playing tricks on me then. I coulda sworn I heard that same tune from when Vivi was in Alexandria at the beginning of the game. Then again, I have only listened to it once so far. Speaking of which, I must be off to listen to it again. I'm sure for the next few days this tune will be listened to dozens of dozens of times.
  8. In the seconds of hearing this song I was hooked. I'm not even done fully listening to it and I love it. I always thought the original black mage village song wasn't that bad considering the mood, but I love the spin SysteManiac put on it. at 2:31, I love how the music goes orchestral with the voices, piano and bells and just goes straight back into that industrial feel. The multiple themes are always great. as has been noted with such songs Knights Come Marching Home and the like, if the right remixer comes along, a multiple theme remix is always a treat for the ears. 4:13 is also a treat. The entire song is amazing. THe sound clips coulda probably been left outta this song, but its musical creativity. Every artist has to have something like that I guess. But I just agree, this is my favorite FF9 remix on this site and probably one of my top list favorites from this site. Props to Sytematic for this fantastic remix. This song doesn't just kick ass. It blows it away, Hadoken style y0!
  9. ::stares blankly:: I shall now add bastard to my previous comment. You lucky bastard... And seeing some of my favorite remixers and what they look like (sorta) is almost sacriligeous(sp?)! Almost...Remember kiddos, Remixers are People too. If you prick them, do they not get bummed out? Mmmm, cosplay. Perhaps I will meet the love of my life (or at least someone who won't shake their head in shame at me when I talk about video games and other related shtuff) at those kind of conventions? Hmmm....*proceeds to look for nearest cosplay convention* Oh crap. This is starting to not look like a review thread anymore! Ack! Ummm...this song still kicks ass. Like Mighty Mouse kick ass. Yeah...uhhh, listen to it, if you haven't already for the almost three years its been here.
  10. Dear Lord! Really? Do you realize how incredibly lucky you are? You're probably one of the few men in the world who is dating an attractive woman who LIKES stuff like that, and not just to please her boyfriend. May I ask you to point me in the direction of said women? If only I could ever get the girls who date me to do that sorta crap. Oh well...I got punk rock/raver girl. Getting closer! Oh yeah, the review of this song. I love it. Musical quality, low, yeah, but like djpretzel said, any song that says groin this many times is bound to be a classic. And it is! Especially with the zelda theme. DOuble trouble! This song kicks ass so hard, it makes your link-lookin' groin ache in pain. And to the guy (Jodo?) who insulted the people who like this song and such fine movies as Wayne World...I have this question to ask of thee. A sphincter says what?
  11. Well, I'm on my third listen on this one, and I've listened to the original a couple of times. I must say, when I compare the two, I would have to say this is a very original remix to the song, at least in my taste. I like the way you went with it, because personally, I never liked the original too much, but like many remixers on this site, you know how to make an originally okay track into a kick ass one. It's not the most kick ass song I've heard on this site, especially from the stuff you've done before, but it is good enough to get me going. Me likey! As you yourself said, it's not really your greatest piece, which begs me to wonder why did you even submit it if you know it could have been better? Then I read some more. Thanks for the appetizer but now I'm ready for the main course! Thanks for the piece. It definitely got my blood rushing, and it gave us another lovely FF remix after having a short dry spell of not only FF pieces, but remixes in general. Overall, It's a good piece. Not as great as some others like Dimstar, Deserted Industry, or that piece you did with mp, Mystic Mountain, but still a great piece to my slowly growing OCR collection, and another piece to say I have Beatdrop's. In Honor of Easter, this song could very well kick the ass of an army of non-stop energizer bunnies.
  12. Some of my favorite remixes on this site are featured from FF7, and this song is no different. It is yet another reason why I must say FF7 was one of the best FF is my book not just for gameplay, but for the emotional feel it gave with its story and mostly its music. Anxious Heart was a great song in FF7 for the forboding feel it gave, and Ceracryst did the song justice by giving that same feel with a cooler sound in his rendition, Heart's Anxiety. I love the burning sounds at 2:11, reminscent of the burning Nibelheim. If I could remake FF7 or continue from it, this song would earn a place in my books. In a room a full of Mr. Ts, this song would have no trouble kicking all of their asses.
  13. ::drools:: THis song verl well deserves one of my favorite adjectives of choice: Orgasmic. Yes, indeed, it is that good. I love how the song fades aay and comes back at 1:41 with that eastern sounding style yet still keeping the strong industrial sound consistent. I bow to thee Beatdrop, for creating a most kickass remix featuring the theme from the Veldt.
  14. Okay, so there's some stuff going around about where some of the source of this song is coming from? Hmmm, I'm going to have to listen to that song and see for myself, but even if it is, this song is still really great. Out of the Diablo Remixes on this site, including Diablo 2, this is my favorite of them. It's a nice gentle feel, that leaves a strange residue of eeriness, hence why it would be great for the DIablo game itself. Its a shame we don't hear more remixes from Blizzard games. THey always have great music for their games that I'm sure the awesome remixers at this site could make even greater. This song could very well kick Diablo's ass back to hell.
  15. I've heard several pieces from Children of the Monkey Machine and this is definitely the most interesting I've heard. Features voice clips from the only Vinny D movie I've ever liked (Pitch Black). It's perfect. I like the echoing effect of them. And even though I'm not a big fan of the blaring sound and distortion of industrial, this song would definitely convince me to rethink. I love it. And Injury helped? Hmmm...gonna have to look them up, because the collaborative effort on this song is what obviously makes it a great. This song kicks ass, Magus style!
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