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  1. I loved the transitions from one part of the song to the next, each section builds off of the previous, giving the mix a real epic feeling. The build-up is beautiful and really brings out the emotional intent of the song. Great Remix.
  2. I've been waiting so long to see this remix on OCR. I downloaded the Chrono Symphonic right when it premiered. This song really caught my attention, it is a great piano and vocal mix, to say that the song isn't up to its potential because there isn't one part that grabs you is ridiculous. This song is great from beginning to end, it doesn't need a climax to play beautifully through and through. I am not a musician nor a Chrono Trigger soundtrack fanboy, but this song is a great rendition and at least worth one listen by everyone. Great remix.
  3. you can go for weeks listening to the same OC Remixes over and over again then comes that one new mix that you haven't heard yet and it sparks your interest in mixes again. This is one of those mixes that just amazes you with what people can do with video game music. A very impressive remix with an awesome vocal job. A must hear.
  4. being that I crave OB series remixes, I felt that it was a must to say how much this remix embodies what I am looking for. I have the arranged album Ogre - Grand Repeat and this song would easily rank among those arrangements. Beautiful job and excellent rendition, a must hear.
  5. Awesome take on this theme, it's a classic and you were able to very successfully redo it with a whole new feel. ::hold for applause::
  6. Beautiful song, I don't think the lyrics matter in the sense that just like any other musical piece of a song the purpose of the singing is to add to the song. Deep lyrical meaning isn't particularly necessary.
  7. the first time I heard this song it had to of been on a winamp list with over 1500 other songs. I didn't know what game it was from, but from the sound I imagined a really dramatic, intense rpg. when i figured out it was Submarine Attack for the Sega Master System, I was, needless to say, suprised. This song is awe inspiring and beautifully conducted, I appreciate everyone second of this song and am amazed at great music that can come from relative obscurity.
  8. this remix is very good and I have had it forever but just listened to it for the first time. I don't know about anyone else but this remix reminds me of Startropics, it just has this feel to it...
  9. I owe this remix a lot, if I hadn't heard it I would have never ran to the game store to pick up Lufia 1 & 2. This remix does the orignal more than justice. I never really thought of Terminator, but now that you mention it. Anyway's this track not only got me on the bandwagon of one of the best RPG series ever (IMO), it still fills me with love for the music everytime I listen. Thank you Faze.
  10. This remix really embodies the emotion of the original track, unlike DJ Pheonix's "Losing Me Is Not An Option", which has a techno feel, this remix orchestrates the sadness the original track permeates. Very, very well done... - This post is not meant to insult DJ Pheonix's rendition of "Rose of May", it is by far one of the best remixes on OC Remix, DJ Pheonix's rendition just has a much different feel.
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