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  1. Liking the new Forums

  2. I feel like a douche that I missed your post about my marriage. Thanks man. :D

  3. Yea, at some point. Come back to me when I have time.

  4. Orat? Sure, alien beast. No worries for lack of other parts for me. :)

  5. Oh jesus. Um God, Lemme get more on that, I have soooo much to do gooooodddddd D: D: D:

  6. I may try something with the the rhythms then. I'm only concerned about drowning out the bass. I dunno I'll try a couple different tones for ya too. :D

    You want two takes for stereo stuff?

  7. yea I got it, sorry about the lack of reply lol. I saw it and instantly started tooling around with it. Not entirely sure if I'm gonna do any rhythms, probably just the lead dunno though. :D

  8. No. Unless babby is proven to be mine.

  9. NintendoMastah, (yea I went there)

    Worry not my friend, the day I stop doing vocal mixes is the day I stop thinking of halfway decent lyrics and my voice box gets ripped from all my high ass vocal arrangement.

    If you want to enjoy a Mega Man track with slightly better vocals but slightly rougher production, check out this song. Its sort of a mashed together song that I'm actually going to use as the song for a piece of fanfiction I'm writing about MMX. YAY!

    Keep an eye out for the MMX project too, becuase you KNOW I'm defnately gonna vocal over that.

  10. Hey Hale-Bopp, this is the same Cyril from VGM if you remember me.

    Thanks for the positive comments on my mix! :)

  11. hey dude, are you gonna be at the new year's eve party thing?

  12. Hmm... probably at the hotel. I'm riding down with prophet/Brad so I dunno what that will exactly entail as far as where I'll end up goes.

    When I find out, I'll get ahold of ya.

  13. Oh yea, damn I'm too busy.

    Just "calling to confirm" that lodging and everything is gonna be alright. Also, if i can bring a french press for coffee makin's

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