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  1. "I've forgotten how to miss!" Dekar is one of the greatest characters ever, that is all.
  2. I love Alundra, but I've never finished it. It's really hard! I would vouch for Landstalker, even though I can easily admit it's not as good as Alundra. It's basically easier (although the isometric platforming can be a bitch sometimes) and much more lighthearted. The story is really funny and the music is upbeat. The graphics are of course not as good and the combat and puzzles are simpler. But it's a nice fun little adventure and one of my top 3 Genesis games.
  3. Personally, I really liked the vp:s ost at first, but I'm not quite as fond of it anymore. Really, I think Sakuraba's biggest strength has always been battle themes, but you have to finish 2/3 of the game before any of them are good. Same is true of most of his Tales soundtracks. And sure, some of the town and dungeon themes are nice, but I think that most of them don't stand as well on their own either. And really, I mostly listen to Sakuraba to have my face rocked off. The arrange album from this game does a good job, but his star ocean (2 and 3) and vp1 soundtracks are also a lot better for it. I think my favorite Sakuraba pieces are the ones where I think "a Japanese guy wrote this?" though. "People Inside a Fence" from so3, and "Le Ali del Principio" and "Deep Red Pastures" from Baten Kaitos II...
  4. Yet another one of those days where I shout "YES!" on checking the OCR main page that my brother has to say "what the hell is wrong with you?" This is the sort of stuff I really liked here before I OD'd on shna =) It's fantastic. I especially love the way the piano intro basically fakes out the rest of the track, though some crackling and stuff hurts a bit. edit: the reason for my excitement being of course that Lord Blazer will always be totally fucking awesome.
  5. Probably you knew this but Ally: Any -> Status Cure Item gambits will only be used when the status to be cured is on an ally. As for the other stuff I'm just controlling Penelo as a Mage (even though, I'd love some Enemy Weak: X gambits) and I still need a Self: MP <20% so I can write a Charge gambit that doesn't blow, but other than that...
  6. Haha, traditional jobs. Why, when you can have Vaan the rainbow mage? I love this game, so much...the boss in Golmore Jungle was amazing, and really, really hard.
  7. I still love this mix. djp's mixes, especially in my opinion, these last few (Twoson, "Town Life" and this one) are some of the most emotive on the site. It's something I forget about too much when I'm listening to...most of the stuff I listen to. Haha, just looking over the list of his mixes I'm remembering all this brilliant stuff I freaking forgot about, but I think this is still my favorite djp mix. I really have to agree with the comment about how well the mix fits the mood of the game. For some reason most of my favorite games make me feel pretty melancholy (except Landstalker lol) and ToP is no exception. Haha, love the title on this too.
  8. Whoo, my computer's speakers are again expressing distaste for the music I listen to. I have to agree that the Chocobo theme is quite inane. Great intro, but this track still too repetitive to me (I did like Bionic Electronica tho now that I think about it, and that was really repetitive). I want to like this more, because percussion heavy tracks always rule.
  9. RULE. Finally there's a really good ToP mix on the site...no offense, really, because i liked Thor and Morlia a lot, but... Anyway, I love djp forever now. After Twoson I wondered when his next would be, and...
  10. the reason lavos is "hard" is because doors of doom is a cheapshot which will instantly kill anybody who's below some level and doesn't have the right stuff equipped. after you survive the beginning, it's easy, given enough megalixirs... god damn it, why does it seem like everybody's played star ocean 2 except for me? anyway that guy has come up many times in the list haha. i'm getting close to the end of 3 post-game and i'm scared so bad, since psycho [super] blair keeps kicking my ass. yay for a nearly instant, nearly inescapable, unblockable attack that kills my entire party in one hit. granted, maria's +30% enemy atk and 3x fol gun isn't helping but...
  11. haha, i totally misjudged this one at first. suffice to say, for me this is the most... ... ... ... indescribable mix on the site. it keeps itself short and cool, and by now i actually like it better than rellik's earthbound one.
  12. favorite remix ever...for now. every second of this song is total sonic interest. i especially love the weird key change at the end. the original is campy as all hell, haha, and the melody was brought out really well in this one (the high notes of the phrases are like not recognizable to me in the original...).
  13. well, it was nearly rejected on the basis of sound quality. it's true, the samples are really crummy, and the arrangement would work with better ones. but it wouldn't be as charming. on a purely logical basis, this song reminds me more than any of his other remixes of his original work (because it originally was, apparently) so i'd think i'd like it the most (i love his non-remix stuff more than any of his remixes)...but i got sorta bored of it.
  14. hate this source. it's finely written but the sounds themselves make me want to hurt myself. this one is awesome though. the mid-range harmonies (the ones that change every time it repeats the phrases that start at 2:00) totally own. actually though, i agree with liontamer...i like espergirl 2a03 better...though my favorite shna tune is actually "junkyard fairy glitter" ;o hahahahahaha, classic.
  15. damn. i like this mix okay, but it seems like it could have used more energy or something. too bad really, as i totally love rellik's other pieces here, and the zelda 2 overworld theme as well.
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