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  1. So, I see you're going to Magfest now.

    And I am not. *sadface*

  2. Broken

    My Farewell

    Good luck in your new endeavors, Bahamut. You've been a great mod. edit: just finished your blog post and my hat goes off to you. I know you'll give it your all. You're going to be a great marine, Wes.
  3. So, I actually got an i7 920, lol. So, now I'm looking for a 1366 motherboard. I'm planning on getting either the ASUS P6X58D-E or the ASUS Rampage III motherboard.

  4. Hey, thanks for the advice, man. I spoke with my dad about it as well today, and now I'm sold. I'm getting the i7 860! That storm scout case looks pretty nice, too.

  5. Hi, Prophet, I'm planning on building a computer for the next school year and I'm currently in the process of selecting a mother board and processor.

    I would like your opinion on buying a core i7 860 processor ($289)

    or a core i5 760 (quad core) ($209)

    I'm obviously trying to save money and get the most bang for my buck, but I would also like my computer to be fairly future proof. So, would it be in my best interest to go ahead and put down the extra 80 bucks for the core i7, or are the 4 cores just as good on the new core i5s?

    If you want more info or anything, just let me know on my page or pm me.


  6. Hey, I couldn't find you on aim, so.... are you going to magfest this year? I'm on the fence with the date change.

  7. Tekken vs SF! ( as if you didn't already know,lol)


  8. Hey, man, happy fourth of July! Hope you're having a great summer.

  9. I'm still waiting for Capcom vs. Nintendo. I would actually love to see Nintendo characters such as Mario drawn in the CVS2 art style. From what I've seen so far, I really like the art direction that mvc3 is going with, too.
  10. Wow, congratulations, gentlemen! Time to start playing Pump again in preparation for this.
  11. I would participate in something like this. It sounds like a great idea. Currently, I'm unable to skype, but I could definitely do IRC meetings.
  12. Bigfoot has .... well put his foot down. Just get an itg cab and mod it, Atmuh. If you really want the original ddr extreme vids, I'm sure there's a way to find them and put them into stepmania
  13. Thank you for my Demons and Wizards CD, Baha! Nice job on the wrapping too.

  14. I can't really find a word to describe how excited I am for this. I tend to give people and game companies too many chances to get things right, but something just feels right about this game, or maybe some things. I'll have to get xbox live to download this when it comes out, right?
  15. That was gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting this.
  16. I'm glad to hear you're reviving Milky Way Wishes. I couldn't help thinking "Kirby's Super Start: HD Remix" when I was reading about it, lol.

  17. Oh, man I miss my ex characters. Freaking Cracker Jack and his baseball bat of justice. I agree with you about bringing back Skullo. I'm just imagining how amazing he would look rendered in hd. I think he would fit in fairly well with the rest of the cast, too.
  18. Haha, awesome find! Fei-long's second ultra is such win! Alternate costumes look amazing as well.
  19. This might sound strange, but maybe they will release a console revision, similar to what they do with their handhelds. Maybe a "new" wii with wii-motes that have built in motion plus and bundled with a motion board or vitality sensor. I know I said console revision, but I can't really think of anything inside the hardware they could easily change off the top of my head, so maybe a repackage is a better term. Well, maybe they could add a real hdd to the wii..... Just some random thoughts.
  20. Wow, I've never heard of this title before. Sounds like another fine addition to the series, though. Aggh, I might actually have to buy a wii if this shit comes out!
  21. This mix is so good that despite the fact that I haven't heard it in at least two years, I still found it in under ten seconds. I immediately recalled the intro to this mix and that helped me to remember tefnek. I always love a cliff-hanger of an intro, and this song delivers on that front. The back-beat of this song is so infectious that it sticks with you for ages ( the proof is in the fact that it compelled me to randomly post about it today.) The synths are sick as well. I just love the syncopated feel of this track. The only thing that I'm not wild about is the tetris-esque bridge in the middle of the song. It just seems like an abrupt change of pace. Ahhh, it feels good to get that off my chest. Now, Tefnek, post moar muzak.
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