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  1. I actually find it quite interesting to know this. I know whenever I sit down to try and write some music I have absolutely nothing in my head as far as melody or even the rhythm. I always kind of wondered if that was common or not, or if it was just something that comes in time with more experience since my experience actually learning to play a melodic instrument is limited to about two years of piano lessons. Usually when I sit down I'll just mess about with some scales or chord structures until I start to hit on a sound or feel that I like and think I can build off of. From there I'm just
  2. Everyone seems to be hung up on GOMAD, despite the fact that I never actually said just go out and start drinking a gallon of milk a day. Seriously, I agree you don't need a gallon a day, especially if you're eating enough in addition to drinking the milk. All I'm saying is adding a few glasses a day is easy and effective. Hell, being Canadian I didn't even realize exactly how much a gallon was until I looked it up. I thought it was a bit less than half of what it actually is for some reason. So can we all take our panties out of a twist and move on?
  3. It's not like anyone was telling him to only drink milk. Adding more milk to your diet is just a fairly simple and easy way to make sure you get enough calories and protein to experience better muscle gain. Dairy lobbyists have been telling governments to get people to drink more milk for years anyway. It's no more a fad than drinking whey protein shakes if you're looking to gain mass. No, not everyone can. Simply eating the same amount of food as usual and working out isn't enough for some people. The reason people recommend milk is because it's easy to add into the diet without substanti
  4. Ah the joys of doing Fran. As to the talk of bowel movements when doing GOMAD, I never really experienced any problems when I was drinking about 1.5L/day. Oddly enough I wasn't actively trying to gain weight, I just really like whole milk. Funny considering my sister, and my mom to a lesser extent, are lactose intolerant.
  5. Trust me, if drinking lot's of delicious whole milk won't do it then I don't think anything will. That said, I can speak from accidental experience that the stuff works.
  6. Changing up your workouts is a good idea like OA said, but you may also want to try eating more. An easy way to make sure you're getting enough protein and calories to gain weight while strength training is to try GOMAD. Drinking a gallon of milk a day. I probably wouldn't just start drinking that much on day one though. Start off by adding a glass of whole milk after your workouts if you aren't already, or at breakfast or some other meal if you prefer and already have a post-workout snack you enjoy. See how your body responds and gradually increase it from there. Once you're at your goal weig
  7. Can't say I really like the sound of that since the only Justice Society I've ever read or cared about is the recent stuff. Honestly, I'm more likely to just leave the series where I am now than keep going with something that's likely going to involve some major continuity upheaval, or at least be separate from the DC Universe I cared to read about.
  8. I'll admit that I don't read a lot of DC, but I do try to keep up with what's happening in the major story arcs for the DC Universe. That said, I've been more put off by all of this than anything despite them touting it as the perfect place to jump into (or in my case back into) the DC Universe. I think this is partly because I haven't been able to figure out how much the continuity is being overhauled. What's gone, what's staying? From the descriptions of some of those titles like Superboy I feel like some things are being almost entirely re-written. Am I just out of the loop or something an
  9. Not to mention that if you're a Protoss or Terran player it's pretty easy to wall off early on. Terran especially being really good at it since depots can submerge to get out of the way. So yeah, definitely don't bother with practice league.
  10. Awesome video. I wasn't even aware of any attempts to date to make an MMORTS, and never really saw something like a Starcraft style MMORTS being a viable option for one for pretty much all of the reasons you went into. Now that I know some people are trying to make them though I'll probably keep more of an eye out. I'd be interested in actually playing one of those someday I think if anyone can get it right.
  11. For the record, the fund isn't really being set up for his personal gain. It states right on the Rockethub page that they aren't taking money from the fund, and all profit will go back into it to help kick start other gaming projects. You can read that here: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/2165-extra-credits/posts/740 To be fair, the goal was stated clearly on the page. Once they reached it people kept donating. In fact, people kept donating a lot of money, well after they had clearly reached their goal. Then they decided to use any extra that isn't required for Allison's recovery to sup
  12. Vivi22

    Portal 2

    Although I generally make it a point not to care too much about hats in TF2 (a man could go crazy/broke getting sucked into that trap), this pleases me greatly. Makes me wonder if any of my other hats that would look hilarious on a robot carried over.
  13. Vivi22

    Portal 2

    Pretty sure everyone understood your point just fine, but it's hard to care when it basically boils down to a sense of entitlement on your part and complaining about something that will have no affect on enjoying Portal 2 aside from the possibility that you may be enjoying it sooner. Valve decided to do something that was pretty cool to not only help promote some smaller developers, but to also create some buzz for Portal 2. So what if there's an ARG that those who didn't buy the pack can't participate in (especially when it's already been established that you could buy just one of the games,
  14. Off topic, but anything sounds like it takes no skill when you oversimplify like that. So long as no one is actually getting hurt I'll go with neither of them being crazy just on the basis of liking violent entertainment. More to the point though, the issue is that a restricted category could end up being a death sentence for a game solely because of the fines involved. While the industry does pretty well at self regulating as it is, when you add in a $1,000 fine anytime one of your employees does sell to a minor, whether it be because they look older than 18 or are friends of said employe
  15. Trade me a weapon for each and I'll give you every crate I have Brush. I'll also take name tags if you're low on weapons.
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