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  1. What is the reasoning for keeping some of the staff member names secret? Shouldn't they be revealed to create more hype? The art supervisor's name won't be announced until the release of the game
  2. "Memories of the Past (1026AD World Map)" is hauntingly good.
  3. This is great. I've only listened to the first track as I'm typing this. I will listen to all of it over the weekend! Was the soundtrack to Chrono Crisis ever released?
  4. What's annoying is that they only care if the IP is big and/or if there is noticeable fan interest in the fangame. Some Japanese fan team made a FOR-PROFIT fan sequel to Threads of Fate called "Duo Princess" in 2003 and it's still available to buy and yet Square Enix never stopped them: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/duoprincess/duoprincess.htm http://egs-soft.info/product/duoprincess/duopri.html I assume Square Enix never killed this because the Threads of Fate fan community isn't big enough, although the project did get popular enough for an English journalist to write about it on a website hosted by Kurt Kalata.
  5. Actually Chrono Resurrection was supposed to be a "short interactive technical demo" of sorts featuring 10 locations from the original game (Crono's Room and Crono's Kitchen count as 2 locations). It was to have a basic battle system but not much gameplay and Ayla and Robo weren't supposed to be playable. It would have been awesome to play but don't mistake it for a real game.
  6. I would like to know if there is any update on the Special Edition. I don't want to urge anyone but it's been a very long time. When will it be released?
  7. Why is there written "Well, it's my turn to go on a journey!" at the bottom right hand corner of the album art?
  8. Damn Yasunori Mitsuda should definitely hear that. Some way. Somehow. Also, sorry to say that, but Darkest Omen is kinda poor. It's totally identical to the game original tune except for the last 1min15 where there's an additional piano
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