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  1. The more the merrier. Sure hoping this project will see the light of day.
  2. I hope Mono found my submission of Unknown World in his PM box... It's been sitting there for a while now.
  3. Mono, you're saying you don't have my submission? I belive i sent it to Rexy when she was still active on this project looooong ago. I'd be happy to send you my track if needed.
  4. Hey guys, I just figured, i got this thing, why not use it with FL? Since it sucks for the thing it's meant to be used. Especially if you have the REAL stuff. So, i hooked it up to my compy and tadah! it works in FL. Question for you guys: What would you automate with it? I'm curious, since i'm only using it to automate volume levels and such. It has alot of neat buttons on there to experiment with. Oh and btw, it might be a nice idea to start a "General Midi controllers FAQ" topic? I'm not starting it since i don't have the knowledge most of you guys do. Thanks in advance!
  5. Well i think people who actually did some work on this project are being ignored and unrewarded for their efforts. Especially as you can see the projectleaders being VERY active on this forum, except on the project they should be running... See my frustration? By the way, contacting them direcly doesn't seem to work very well. So perhaps saying stuff like this on the public boards might get something running.
  6. Last post was on 01-28-08... THREE months ago. I'm pretty sure this project won't finish ever, which is a shame. Some people did alot of work to get their songs in. So the least you guys could do is wrap this up. This seriously pisses me off. Just wanted to you know how content I am with your project...
  7. Wowowow... I've had Unkown World covered BEFORE te vBulletin switch. It's already finished for about 5 months or so. *link removed* If i need to do some extra stuff, just lemme know via PM or e-mail. I'm not as active on the board as i used to be.
  8. Great to hear you like my Elle piece HoboKa. Mind you, it got rejected already, and i'm planning on doing a resub. Can't say when though, since i'm really busy lately. The Vagrance, Thanks for the cool point-to-point review. The bassline actually is too "happy and bouncy" for this piece. Maybe I could rewrite it to something more epic. The main aim for this remix is oldschool trance, like the late 90's, early 2000. I'm aware this piece needs more supportive synths. I'm currently trying to add an arpeggio. The sidechain is actually a great idea too. I'll look into that.
  9. Thanks guys. Now that's some criticism i've been waiting on. I'm thinking of adding some arps, as well as some extra riffs of some sort. The current pad needs a supporting layer i guess. Maybe i'll 'groove' the main melody up a bit. And i definitely will work on the builds. Now i read your comments and listened to the track at the same time, i see what you meant. The piano section will still be in there, it just needs some TLC, and when the rythm starts, i'll try and slowly transcend it into a more fitting synth, with a bit more groove also. I still need to seriously master this, so in the end i'll try to get a more higher soundquality overall.
  10. Is there no one who would like to comment on this?
  11. Hey folks. After posting some WIP's in the remix forums I thought hey, let's post an original this time. (since feedback on my remixes is scarce) Only problem is, it isn't named yet. So if anyone is willing to seriously think up a name, i'd be thankfull. It's inspired by a bit of a cross-over from "Theme of a Clockwork Orange" by DJ Tiesto & "Shivers" by Armin van Buuren. Let me know what you guys think! Here it is: untitled, 10Mb, mp3
  12. Game. Oh wait. I use FL. And Reason sometimes. But mostly FL. Sorry. Meh, j/k. You know my shizz so just gimme a shout if you're ok with it. It'll have to take some time for me to get fully into Reason again though...
  13. Ok, what is up with this project? Anyone still doing stuff or what?
  14. Latest update. Change list: - edited the bassline a bit - made a proper intro (still needs work though) - equalised the whole a bit - added a nice pad to the main melody - added some breaks - added some percussion So, here's the link. I'd really like some feedback on this. It's still not done yet, and all help is welcome.
  15. Sorry to keep you waiting Lindar. As promised, another update. http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=307265#post307265
  16. After a looooooong time I decided to add and scratch something from the project. I really need to keep working on this, it's only 40% from what I want it to be. As for being generic, true. I want to keep this in an oldschool trance jacket. (read: Sash - Encore Une Fois-style) I could maybe add some more dynamics and spice it up a little to the new standards of trance. The clap will be the next thing to rework into this, or maybe even cut out. About the lighthearted feeling, I think I shouldn't make this too much like the feeling the original has. It could use some arps like "Adagio for Strings" though, but for that, i'd need a helluva lot more time on my hands, which I don't have at the moment. It's still on my to-try-list though.
  17. Now i know why nobody took this one yet... Dayumn. The best i can make this is into a dance-ish tune. Wanted to go all epic on this, but the source just doesn't lend itself for that.
  18. Hmm. This is certainly remixable. Mind if i take a shot at it? It'll be trance, that's for sure. Don't expect me to have it done in a week though... it could take a while.
  19. Do you have an example of that Xenogears one? I'd might try to fiddle with it.
  20. Well Prometheus, I hope you can handle some waiting... Because the release of this project will be bundled with Duke Nukem Forever.
  21. After viewing the requests forum I read a request for this tune and I thought I could give this a go. So I just jotted down some stuff in FL, and this is the result. Reactions please. <-click
  22. page 4 already... This is as dead as a doornail.
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