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  1. When I get home I need some help. I have an over the board tourny friday saterday sunday. and im on a big losing streak. So I need your help to play many games. So put your game faces on cuz I'm going to ask you to play if you are on. I need to get all my losing out now before it attacks my wallet. Thank you. Good luck have fun. Advanced 7 for games. wo0t
  2. a win is a win and a loss is a loss, you were better than me today.
  3. i use the old yahoo. whos up for a game. im or pm me
  4. mainly i have been exersizeing i am healtheyr physically and mentally. but my spelling sure hasent improved. ill just stick to chess.
  5. uh oh. in the mean time take this test http://www.kopecchess.com/bratko.html tell me what u get. ill play u tommarow or thursday i promise
  6. http://www.kopecchess.com/bratko.html take that test and tell me what u get I got 1600-1700 there are 25 problems so it takes a minute.
  7. hmm have u guys updated your java? update it any way and see if it helps. I dident have any problems with yahoo today.
  8. i won 1 against keegan. i just like to listen to music. im more in to chess than any thing. i have a huge mame collection. and most emulators around. uh i am also in to art.
  9. my buddy made this gif of kasparof gettin hit in the head with a chessboard
  10. i only have patas :'( u should give em to me i could always use more space. i won 2 against loning. and no its not enough space. edit and 2 against SnerraksObession
  11. ive only got about 80 gigs of music. but thats where my drives top out at. time to upgrade. whos up for some games im or pm me.
  12. [18:16:58] rainmandx2: can we play our game later tonight? [18:16:58] *** Auto-response sent to rainmandx2: TV never lies [18:16:59] Johnderrilll: i cant stay ethier i have to go party im here now
  13. No, You must play the second game I challanged you. You cant run from me.
  14. i lost to rainman on our risk match.
  15. good game keegan. he ran out of time. ;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game ;White: keegan_the_fox ;Black: chessmaster_1313 ;Date: Thu Oct 12 17:31:59 GMT 2006 1. e2-e4 e7-e5 2. g1-f3 b8-c6 3. f1-b5 a7-a6 4. b5-a4 g8-f6 5. d2-d4 b7-b5 6. d4xe5 f6xe4 7. a4-b3 f8-c5 8. d1-d5 c5xf2+ 9. e1-e2 o-o 10. d5xe4 f2-c5 11. c1-g5 d8-e8 12. b1-d2 d7-d6 13. b3-d5 c8-d7 14. d2-b3 c5-b6 15. g5-e3 b6xe3 16. e2xe3 a8-d8 17. e5xd6 c6-b4 18. e3-d4 d7-f5 19. e4xf5 b4xd5
  16. I beat Glitchy Keegan as white. ;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game ;White: chessmaster_1313 ;Black: keegan_the_fox ;Date: Wed Oct 11 03:20:57 GMT 2006 1. e2-e4 e7-e5 2. g1-f3 b8-c6 3. f1-b5 g8-f6 4. o-o f6xe4 5. f1-e1 e4-d6 6. b5xc6 d7xc6 7. f3xe5 f8-e7 8. d2-d4 c8-e6 9. d1-h5 d6-b5 10. e5xc6 b7xc6 11. e1xe6 b5xd4 12. e6-e4 d4xc2 13. c1-g5 c2xa1 14. e4xe7+ d8xe7 15. g5xe7 e8xe7 16. h5-g5+ e7-e6 17. b1-c3 a8-b8 18. g5-e3+ e6-f6 19. c3-e4+ f6-e5 20. f2-f4+ e5-d5 21. e3-d3+ d5-e6 22. e4-g5+ e6-e7 23. d3-e4+ e7-d7 24. e4-f5+ d7-d6 25. g5xf7+ d6-e7 26. f7xh8 b8xh8 27. f5-e5+ e7-d8 28. e5xg7 a1-c2 29. g7xh8+ d8-e7 30. h8xh7+ e7-f6 31. h7xc2 a7-a5 32. g2-g4 c6-c5 33. h2-h4 f6-e6 34. c2-f5+ e6-d6 35. f5-e5+ d6-d7 36. f4-f5 c5-c4 37. g4-g5 a5-a4 38. h4-h5 c7-c5 39. f5-f6 c4-c3 40. b2xc3 c5-c4 41. g5-g6 a4-a3 42. h5-h6 d7-d8 43. f6-f7 d8-c8 44. g6-g7 c8-b7 45. h6-h7 b7-a8 46. h7-h8+ a8-a7 47. g7-g8 a7-a6 48. f7-f8 a6-b7 49. g8-f7+ b7-c6 50. h8-f6++
  17. I beat Fire as black. When I got the pawns to the other side all were queened. ;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game ;White: cpt1337 ;Black: chessmaster_1313 ;Date: Tue Oct 10 01:53:07 GMT 2006 1. d2-d4 e7-e5 2. d4-d5 f8-c5 3. e2-e4 d8-h4 4. d1-f3 g8-f6 5. g2-g3 h4xe4+ 6. f3xe4 f6xe4 7. c1-e3 c5xe3 8. f2xe3 o-o 9. f1-g2 e4-c5 10. g1-f3 d7-d6 11. o-o f7-f5 12. f3-g5 h7-h6 13. g5-f3 b8-d7 14. g3-g4 f5xg4 15. f3-h4 f8xf1+ 16. g1xf1 d7-f6 17. b1-c3 g7-g5 18. h4-f5 c8xf5 19. e3-e4 c5xe4 20. c3xe4 f6xe4 21. g2xe4 f5xe4 22. c2-c4 a8-f8+ 23. f1-e2 e4-f3+ 24. e2-e3 f8-f4 25. a1-f1 f4xc4 26. e3-d3 c4-d4+ 27. d3-e3 f3xd5 28. e3-e2 d5-c4+ 29. e2-e1 d4-e4+ 30. e1-f2 e4-f4+ 31. f2-e1 f4xf1+ 32. e1-d2 c7-c5 33. b2-b3 c4-a6 34. d2-c3 d6-d5 35. b3-b4 f1-f3+ 36. c3-b2 c5xb4 37. a2-a3 b4xa3+ 38. b2-b1 e5-e4 39. h2-h4 g4-h3 40. b1-c2 g5-g4 41. c2-d2 g4-g3 42. d2-e1 d5-d4 43. e1-d2 e4-e3+ 44. d2-e1 d4-d3 45. e1-d1 e3-e2+ 46. d1-e1 g3-g2 47. e1-d2 h3-h2 48. d2-e1 h2-h1+ 49. e1-d2 g2-g1 50. d2-c3 e2-e1+ 51. c3-b3 d3-d2+ 52. b3-c2 d2-d1++
  18. i have joined too. can some one check that i did? my name on there is johnderrilll on folding@home. when i have folding up all i see is some moleculee type tings and they hardly move. is there any way to get more movement out of it? i have a graphics card that is 256 mb PCI. not PCIe. any help would be cool. i dont think i know any one from here cept keegan and dama so it would be nice to make some new friends.
  19. The mexican boss in Timelord. It takes at least 3 months to kill him. Jason in Friday the 13th is also a hard boss
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