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  1. im in tell me the dutys of captin and arbiter and i may consider the job.
  2. i gotta put nemo on report. i want a bypass match. who is up for a challenge match?
  3. shin mr karate/shin akuma air fire ball infinite
  4. omg people in America committing random acts of kindness!!! I dident know such people here existed.
  5. its goona snow today im up for some chess any time im or pm me
  6. this game is awesome the last boss is so dang hard too.
  7. i won 2 games of a half match vs surfer otaku
  8. bahamut im reporting you come on line and play
  9. i need an swf file to be converted with no errors to .mov or .svi or avi. any ideas
  10. it dosent start over its an ongoing thing
  11. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=nakamura+Qh5&btnG=Google+Search
  12. a buddy of mine belived mel gibson had treasure on the moon
  13. vote for me! I vote for kamoh I need the support of the 134340 & the OCRCL. I wont win with out YOU.
  14. if im not online uranus be in advanced 7(like after 10pm (gmt -5) thats where ill meet you oh and im reporting uranus too.
  15. Is there a way to change my time over to 24 hr time? There is a saved message box still, its in a drop down scroll bar type deal, you have to move the files over to it. Oh yea, how do I rate threads?
  16. im reporting every one who needs to play me (4) and the winners of (2) and (3)
  17. if im on a team i want the team to be called The Rusty Buckets
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