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  1. I always think the ups guys are goona steal my stuff.
  2. i think the new guy uranus_4444 can beat him. im not as good as i used to be. i came to chess the day i joined. and i always said whos up for a game im or pm me.
  3. i use my old mario paint mouse pad. its gray plastic
  4. sorry ill try to catch you today sometime.
  5. yo rainman and bamamut where u guys at. call me on da cell
  6. i dont surf in ie but should i update to ie7?
  7. im wating for my chance to strike. i look foward to playing rainman. 1. Nf3 or 1. ... Nf6 FTW!
  8. when u stuff the paper in the bottom of the cone do not pack it tight. its a cushion, that means precrumple then uncrumple the paper.
  9. we got to do model rockets and solar powered cars in our class.
  10. me and rainman 1-1 in our EXTRA matches
  11. ;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game ;White: chessmaster_1313 ;Black: feline_in_the_mirror ;Date: Sun Nov 19 05:03:02 GMT 2006 1. e2-e4 e7-e5 2. g1-f3 b8-c6 3. f1-b5 c6-d4 4. f3xd4 e5xd4 5. c2-c3 d4xc3 6. b1xc3 f8-b4 7. o-o g8-e7 8. d1-b3 b4-c5 9. b5-c4 o-o 10. d2-d3 h7-h6 11. c1-e3 b7-b6 12. e3xc5 here white missed d4 b6xc5 13. c3-d5 e7xd5 14. c4xd5 c7-c6 15. d5-c4 d7-d6 16. f2-f4 g8-h8 17. c4xf7 c8-g4 18. f7-c4 a8-b8 19. b3-c3 f8-e8 20. h2-h3 g4-h5 21. g2-g4 h5-g6 Qh4 and maybe hope for a draw 22. f4-f5 g6-h7 23. f5-f6 g7xf6 24. f1xf6 e8-e5 25. a1-f1 d8-e7 26. f6-e6 e7-g5 27. f1-f5 instead white should of played Rxd6, Rf5 allows black to achive a draw. g5-e3+ 28. g1-g2 h7xf5 29. e6xe5 e3-e2+ 30. g2-g1 e2xb2 31. e5-e8+ begins a mate in 3 h8-h7 32. e8-e7+ h7-g6 33. e7-g7++ good game margo
  12. dama must confirm or it does not exist just like 134340 does not exist
  13. once u get in you never get out. 134340
  14. margo, snerrak, rainman im falling asleep! keep running all yawl. maybe i stay up and play emulators. hmm
  15. U dident write down my 2 Wins last week
  16. Wow, That's more awesome than I Expected. Thanks Man! thats a nice sig
  17. shouldent sez be red and black like cards and a roulette table? always bet on black.
  18. i dident know people still used IE. whos up for a game im or pm me
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