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  1. Love the piece; I'm a fan of the original and I'm glad you kept the feel. I really enjoyed it, and I was totally glad that it was 6 minutes--there was a pause in there and I thought to myself, "Darn, it's over," but I was happily wrong.
  2. I really, really like this one guys. Schala's is such a great theme, and you still managed to make a great mix with different ideas and a different groove. Love! =]
  3. Excellent mix. I really, really enjoy this one. Thanks for all the hard work--it's gorgeous!
  4. I'd be surprised if FFXIII jumped/shared platforms...but not nearly as much as I would have been, say, prior to the PS3 release. I was upset when DMC became multi-platform, because a little part of me has been rooting for the PS3 to pull out of its slump and show everyone it doesn't suck nearly as much as it seems. If FFXIII jumps, then I am extremely worried. I'll probably buy a Wii before a PS3, but when FFXIII and FF Versus XIII or whatever it's called comes out, I'd be picking up that PS3 asap. Without that, I doubt I'd end up getting a PS3, save for Kingdom Hearts or a new Chrono title (yeah right). Sorry, but the only reason I want a PS3 is for the RPGs! And I have a feeling I'm by far not the only one...
  5. This a superb piece. I fell in love with it right away. As for me, I don't hear anything mechanical about it. It sounds live and amazingly expressionistic, in my opinion. Making it sound crisper might even ruin it for me. I've never been a huge fan of piano remixes for some reason, but this one took the cake for me. It's my favorite piano piece right now. Thanks for the beautiful work, Jormungand.
  6. I can't help but dig this tune. Amazing job, po! If I didn't know this was a remix and unprofessional at that, I would never have guessed. Also, kudos on the violin. I really love that solo. =) Definitely my fave jazz piece from my playlist right now. ^^
  7. The work shows. At the moment, this is probably my favorite of your mixes, zircon. The shift into the Hidden Truth is great in my opinion. I really do like this better than the original (duh!). That little "punchy" feel the whole piece has to it really adds something special, like at 1:35. Nice job!
  8. The minimalistic feel to this mix works in its favor. I love how the music layers with just the right amount of beat. Great work guys! One of my faves when I'm in the mood for something downtempo.
  9. Hey, I'm new--alright, not really. I've been downloading from here since '04, but I thought that I oughta sign up some day, even if I'm not a mixer (yet). I also figured I should just go with the flow and post in the newbie thread. Thanks to all the mixers and staff for an awesome site! ...And I find it very weird to be posting right after someone with my name in theirs. >.< Total accident. So thanks and see ya all around!
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