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  1. I love your musics and it was rad to see you doing a podcast. The intro was hot with the Hadouken track. That album was a bitch to find and I love that you started out with it. Most of the music I recognize, but the trance outs are really killer so far. Hope to hear this consistently, thanks for the mix.
  2. EVERY? c'mon one shouldn't be on there, it's an embarassment to the site and the project. It cheapens and lessens everybody's contributions, it's shameful even it's on there.
  3. the DC is the last bastion of hardcore gaming. I got mine a couple of years ago, and there's so much to offer. I'm not really into racing games, but there's a lot of really good ones. Rush 2049, Tokyo xtreme racer 1 and 2, and metropolis street racer. It's got tons of J-pan exclusives too, if you want to bolster your library with hot titles. I don't think anybody has mentioned Seaman, Rez, or the seminal classic, typing of the dead. I actually have a floor demo model, the whole upright cabinet thing you'd seen in a store. It looks like a Dalek from Doctor Who. I don't think that 40 bucks is that bad, who really cares if that's 10 more than thirty, that's not rally that big of a deal, same price as a movie ticket. DO EEEEETTTT!!!!, it'll make you a better person.
  4. I always figured the dog's name was rush, only cause Rush is the greatest rock band in the world and megaman is all about rock and roll.
  5. This movie doesn't seem to have any bearing on the comic book. The comic had very particular imagery. None of the characters in the trailer are even wearing costumes. I remember that Wesley's costume was awesome, really cheesy and you could totally tell he was going to kill some people. The casting is all wrong for the movie, it would have been really great if they got the people that the characters were based on i.e Eminem and Halle Berry. I doubt that Shithead and Fuckwit are even going to be in the movie. This is going to be a shitty summer flick without any of the charm and humour of the comic. Can't wait till Batman, that's gonna be pretty fun.
  6. Picked Billy Dee because he sponsored Colt 45 way back in the day. Colt 45 is therefore known as Billy Dee. He is also the original space pimp.
  7. I loved Speed Racer, probably more than Iron Man. I think it was a really earnest attempt to re-create the original show. My only gripe is that I don't think they took it as far as they could have. I wish the movie was more outrageous. I think every time that Racer X was on the screen, they should have had that stupid voice-over explaining his history just like in the old show. I almost wish they spoke really fast too, just to make it even more retarded. Overall, I think people will come back to this movie and appreciate it more as time goes on, kinda like Tron. As for the Cloverfield comments, that movie doesn't stand up on the second viewing, although I really enjoyed it in theaters. Once you've seen it once, there's nothing left to really explore. They could pump out sequels like crazy though, and have it done with other people and their respective cameras, just slowly building the mythos, adding more creatures, just like Godzilla.
  8. There should be a counter bar showing how much in pledges you've received so far, just like those cheesy telethons. It would be fun to see how much moneys is being accrued by OCR.
  9. Just wait a couple of days, it should be up and running. VGmix is notorious for not working. edit: this bad boy is working, here's the link champ http://dod.redheadedblacksheep.net/past/march06/
  10. the shizz isn't down, try it again. I am not too sure how keen they are going to be though, they already have a Willow project they're working on. Like the dude mentioned beforehand, check out the previous Dwelling of Duels competitions to find the metal gear songs, the one by virt is pretty intense.
  11. Post this in the Shizz they almost deal exclusively with guitar driven arrangements and there is plenty of metal and shredding in there. www.theshizz.org
  12. If you have the chance, check this guy out, any thing that Spam does is solid gold. His ESD set at M6 was beyond real, those guys rocked harder than anybody in the jam space, period.
  13. YMO did some early japanese music for video games at least I think they did. A fair bit of their tracks sound like VGM anyways. Rydeen is probably their well known tune. Check out some of their live stuff on youtube, it's pretty funny.
  14. yeah, I did a quick check on ebay but I didn't get anywhere really. the closest I could find was the Yellow Magic Orchestra, but not really the pure VGM I was looking for, although, they do kick some ass. Any more suggestions. I'm sure that somebody has that one piece of information that might lead to vinyl bliss.
  15. hey fellas, I just got my old turntable fired up and I need some deadly tunes. I know there has to be some type of video game music on vinyl out there. I've heard on EGM's podcasts that there was Dragon Quest soundtracks published on vinyl and I was curiouse if anybody's heard of this and where to find it. I just need to own something as retarded as vg music on vinyl.
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