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  1. Oh my god.. I've been listening to this song a lot today and it's definately one of the best remixes on this site! Total perfection everywhere, Thank you Protricity for making such an excellent remix of a very cool song!!
  2. AmIevil made a very good job on this one! the "SpaceWhistling" sounds or whatever you could call it are PERFECT, and then there's a medley of a few songs with a sweet style and tempo. One of the best Metroid OC ReMixes IMO.
  3. Incredible! I love this ReMix a lot..! Very nice tempo and synth sounds, in a slow techno style, wow. *speachless*
  4. Wow, this song is pure excellence! I love it! Especially the Flashman part with the very cool drums, the only minus is that the flashman tune is a little to low, but that doesn't bother me especially much! VERY NICE WORK MAN!
  5. Err, ok. This was NOT good. You can hardly hear the magnificent tones that Nobuo created for the original. Very bad quality of instruments too, i.e. the trumpet sounds like somekind of old midi or something.
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