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  1. Well that makes things easier. Still need to get the data of this though...
  2. I have a full version, like I said, that saves files fine. When a friend was giving me music and crap he installed the newer version (v. 6) which is obviously cracked. I opened it up in the wrong version, and saved over my file. I guess that's what I get for making music and 4 O clock at night. I just need to get the information out of RAM/temp files and into a file that I can use with the older version.. though that'd be hard. I'll have to buy the new FL now just to get it... argh...
  3. How about you back up your "Staff opinions"? I'm calling bullshit. This is anal overmoderating in the extreme. You're forcing people to give a specific answer, forcing your opinions on people. It's sickening. Even if you own this board, it's still wrong to do that but nobody can bring you down off your high and mighty podiums. If you had solid reasoning behind your actions, you would have provided it immediately. More than likely you'll come up with something in an a priori format and lock the thread so nobody can challenge your authority on that matter, since some of you seem incapable of dealing with criticism. Authoritarianism is not healthy.
  4. Exactly. Nobody else challenged you. There's nothing wrong with this. Just because it's not what the OP originally asked for does not mean they are not valid suggestions. Again, I vehemently oppose such unintelligent, undynamic and generally ridiculous methods of moderation. It's not going to hurt anyone if people actually have relevant discussion. You're over-moderating, for the same of it. I am adding something constructive. Please demonstrate how it is not constructive. It might not be exactly what the OP asked for, but it is still relevant to the subject at hand. But this discussion is relevant to the OP's request - you are forcing people to only recommend softsynth options when other solutions may suit him better. In another thread, it won't help him in the same way. You're the most destructive element in this thread, by far. You can't see past your own ban hammer. Wow. If I hang out with black kids, does that make me black? No. You still obviously don't "get" guitar and why a real guitar sounds alive, or are disregarding it to defend your own laziness of using synth options in place of a real guitar(as opposed to using it as a synth guitar, which is different). None of this has anything to do with actual guitar sound. I guess I forgot that SOME games as well as cheesy TV programmes sometimes use synth guitar, but it's a shame. It's still a mile away from the avenue of real guitar based music and you don't seem to understand why. You can be an expert on the clarinet and have no idea of the tonal qualities of a saxophone. I said several times that samples of certain instruments do pass - but guitar does not. There are certain areas where it is more acceptable - like in Industrial music, and to an *extent* video games(though to be honest I'm very disappointed if there is such a track in SF4), but it's still nowhere near the same as a real guitar. This is one of the first things that I learned making music, and I'm not the first. I must clarify one thing that I slightly retract - nobody *professionally who knows anything about guitar, would use a guitar synth in place of a real guitar*, or at least very few would. There are almost definitely pop tracks that make use of it, but then again, I'm talking about the more lower end options here. With enough tech these days you can do almost anything- but you may as well get a guitar for that price. Some studio execs obviously don't understand this, and prefer to keep everything processed. You obviously don't know a lot about guitar, or are a rare exception. As I've said before using it in an expiremental context such as in Industrial is not the same as using it as a replacement for a real electric guitar. That's what I'm getting at. I use a guitar synth on one of my tracks, but not to sound like a guitar. This is, again, the point I'm getting at. The fact that you've had commercial success is irrelevant, as commerical success generally is. Also, given that "processed" is all the rage these days, it would perhaps only further my point. I've had music played on the radio too - does that make me more of an expert than someone that hasn't? No. And more importantly, does it mean that I definitely didn't make some tonal fuck up that I really shouldn't have? Probably not. There are certainly elements in some of my tracks that would offend real practioners of the genre of that track. Since I'm a young musician, it's something I'm going to work on, rather than taking your stance of oh well it's easier this way. Synth guitars still tend to sound dire in place of real rockin' guitars, and I stand by this. Real serious musicians in genres where guitar is in any way important would absolutely not tend to use guitar synths in place or real guitars, and for good reason. If you looked at music from a more tonal point of view rather than one of composition, you might understand. And this line of discussion is still PERFECTLY relevant since it's about the best option for real guitar. Does anyone really agree with Zircon's ruling, and if you do, can you explain yourselves logically to prove you're not just sucking up to the mod(as most tend to do)? Nobody should use their mod badge to avoid dealing with criticism and being challenged. It's immature.
  5. Back On Topic please - I love how you get your final say and don't let anyone rebut it. That's not how argument works. If there is a logical hole in what you've just said, I should always have a right to point out it - to think otherwise is to put yourself in the realm of infallibility. This is directly related to the topic - disallowing any tangents whatsoever is completely unnatural to any form of discussion. Those clips do not sound like guitars. They don't sound terrible, but in terms of a convincing guitar sound, they are indeed somewhat awful. The NOMURA one, do you not see what's wrong with it? It sounds more like a square wave synth with the mids turned up a bit run through an overdrive pedal. It lacks a booming low end, or any bite at the top end too. Palm-muted, chugging guitar, is especially difficult to replicate because of what it does to the harmonics, etc. It's not about what I "Personally" believe. Cut that crap out. It annoys me when people force relativism in an argument. Synthesised guitar, except for ridiculously high quality synths that'd cost as much as a decent real guitar, do not cut it. Chances are, if this guy doesn't find Slayer anywhere near up to his task, he won't find one that is. I'd rather tell the OP the truth instead of what he wants to hear. It is not as enjoyable to listen back to tracks I've done with synth guitar a long time ago as it is with even badly recorded real guitar. He was asking for a realistic guitar, and I'm suggesting that the only real way to achieve this is through a real guitar. There are a dozen reasons I could get into, sound theory wise, why a guitar sounds better. But just compare the two for yourself. You really have no idea what you're taking about. Nobody would professionally use samples of a distorted guitar, or at least it's extremely uncommon. Industrial music, stuff like that uses it, but in a way that it's meant to sound that way, it's not the same as replacing a real guitar. *If* the OP is working on Industrial, then maybe it'd work out - but probably not. And no, that clip you posted me wasn't industrial - real industrial sounds a lot harsher than that, that was just a combination of electro and metal. Pianos, flutes - they can be more easily emulated. Please stop talking like you're an expert here - it's obviously you either have no clue about actual sound work, or are disregarding it to defend your own decisions. I record a lot of lo-fi, sloppy crap but in many ways it still sounds better, because it sounds human and alive, even with some of the "clippy" samples I use(since my music is somewhat influenced by Industrial). The realm where your attitude would apply would be in the mainstream Pop music circuits. Fake, cheesy instruments go down well there. And quite frankly, I'm tired of processed sounding pap. Using software based instruments doesn't necessarily have to sound fake and processed, of course, and it depends on context, but with the kind of attitude you have, it really sets a precedent for them to do so. I was trying to be both realistic and helpful. I offered a higher quality solution, at least temporarily. It's unlikely he'll get the sound he's looking for from a VST - you had no problem with the people before me saying this, since they didn't challenge you.
  6. Going by your logic, several long distance musical projects that somehow managed to release full albums must have failed miserably. This guy was just asking for some basic chugga chugga guitar. Chances are he won't really need to change it, and if he does, I'm around fairly often. A bit of patience will get you everywhere. I'm sorry, but guitar synths do sound quite terrible, at least as guitars. They can do alright as, well, a cross between a guitar and a synth sound, that Megaman 2 "Chillout" remix is a good example(unless that was using a real guitar with a weird playing style), but for it to actually sound like a real guitar is just nonsense. If you care about convenience, use a crappy MIDI guitar synth. If you care about actually having a good sound, find a guitarist, or a guitar. And you don't need to upload large Wav files. A high quality OGG would do. Remember a lot of the artefects of lossy compression are only present/apparent when multiple instruments play at once.
  7. I offered to do it, for free. That's pretty convenient. It only takes 5 minutes if I just have to record a CHUG.
  8. The cheapest guitar(within reason) and multi-effects will still be much better than the vast majority of guitar synth solutions. Dream Theater's keyboardists have been known to get good guitar sounds, if they're low in the mix. Honestly, if it's a simple riff, just tell me the chords, send me the drumbeat, and I'll record it. I'll happily improv lead over it too. But I'll charge if it's more than one song I'm no great so I wouldn't charge much. But getting a real guitar/guitarist is probably your best solution. I'd recommend a Pacifica 112 and a Korg AX3G, Zoom G1, Yamaha Magicstomp, Digitech RP50, Line 6 Pocket POD, any of those. Most of the AWESOME OC Remixes are actually using a cheap multi effects. Terra in Black was done on an RP7... generally multi fx have at least "one" good setting, even the ones from the 90s.
  9. I have two versions of fruity loops on my computer, for some reason, this one is FL6 and for some reason it doesn't save files! But what it DOES do is overwrite them with empty content. So now I've lost the original file! Argh! Is there any way to restore the file, I still have the project data loaded up. Can i extract it from memory or something?
  10. Why can't a distorted guitar be a part of the arrangement? I think i works. The guitar sounds "off" somehow, but it works with it. There's actually some really clever, subtle pitch bending going on there(I don't think the guy's guitar was actually slightly out of tone). I'd love to know what gear he was using to get that tone...
  11. Does anyone actually know what gear was used to record this? Been looking for that type of overdrive for years. Sounds a bit like a Tubescreamer, only meatier. Probably a proper tube amp? What kind? What pedal would "emulate" that sounds since there always is one that does?
  12. There's probably some industrial bands that are like that, but not many. http://www.myspace.com/psychoplasm "The Most Fascinating Man" - is this the kind of music you mean?
  13. I need an analog snth VST that can do the "Jump" sound. I think Oberon is what I'm looking for(presuming Oberon is a play on Oberheim) but I can't find it anywhere, link is down on main site.
  14. How exactly do I use Fruity Reeverb or any other effect/ When I select it it says it can't be assigned to a channel. What gives?
  15. I tried, doesn't work very well for certain timings.
  16. The patterns do heavily influence the style of the music produced. What i hate about FL is that you can't really do odd timings, and not even 1/3 time - making Doctor Who theme remixes neigh on impossible :/
  17. Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all :/ I wish I knew how to tell good Saxes. It's a lot harder than with guitars. Would someone be able to find one on Ebay for me, that I could afford(around 250 euros secondhand?)? Then again, I bought a "dodgy" guitar and it really did turn out to be an $800 guitar being sold for $200. They were pretty much overstock from a cancelled washburn model, they were pretty cheaply made but sounded and played amazing somehow.
  18. I've also been learning to sing lately, and have managed to make my voice quite powerful. Does that help? I'm getting good at controlling tone.
  19. Is the sax really that hard? I mean even after a couple of months you can record on keyboard or guitar... I know Saxing is pretty Taxing(hehe), but a year to record anything decent sounds a bit extreme for someone who's already a reasonable musician.
  20. Thanks. I don't know about renting there's nowhere here I can. I've played flutes before and I can blow very hard so I think I'd like it. One of the reasons why I want a cheap sax is so I don't blow money on something that isn't so great, but at least I'll need it if I need a quick sax lick in one of my songs. Do you know the Bauhaus song in Fear of Fear? I'd like to play something like that. I'm looking to play both some jazz and the weirder applications goth rock put it to. I already play guitar and keyboard so I can't really afford a really expensive one. Are these any good - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-Stagg-Alto-Saxophone-sax-outfit_W0QQitemZ7385574570QQcategoryZ16232QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Tenor-Saxophone-Matt-Gold-Plated-Brand-New_W0QQitemZ7387979699QQcategoryZ16234QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohosting There are some ridiculously cheap on US Ebay, but how much would it cost to ship a Sax to Europe? I'd rather not pay more than E250 in total as I want to get Animal Crossing for my birthday too, I don't want to get an instrument I won't be able to play for my bday, though I've played flutes and I've been playing guitar and keys for a while. I'm not expecting it to sound good, just decent. I'll probably be fine tuning(like, EQ and maybe a bit of reverb, that sort of stuff) the sound on every recording. I just need it to sound like a sax and be able to make most of the same sounds as one even if it's not as good.
  21. Can someone recommend me where to get a cheap entry level Sax somewhere in Europe? And how much does a cheap ass Sax *really* differ from an expensive one? Thanks!
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