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    I'm an amateur FL Studio mixer, learning how to finally put the notes in my head onto paper. I'm 17 (almost 18--in april) and I'm building toward my first remix.
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  1. Oh man... this is beautiful! Is this an actual recording of a piano? if it is... one of THE best... the sound is beautiful. You can totally see Mr. Rogers walking around the neighborhood with this one. Fantastic, absolutely. Congrats. ~jace
  2. That was really well done, certainly one of my favorite Mazedude remixes! I love the drums; what instrument is that toward the beginning that sounds Asian? (Egyptian?) Was that just a wave or was it an actual sample? Man, I loved it so much!! Especially the dual synth leads Congrats, ~jace
  3. Very strange. I'm not sure what the problem is but I can make educated guesses First, turn off send master sync on your Microsoft MIDI mapper. Second, your buffer size is really really small. I would make it bigger by a lot. Try clicking on the Show Asio Panel and increasing the buffer size to something at least over ten. (I keep mine at ten but I've got a nice creative soundcard made specifically for the purpose so it can handle it. Most generic audio cards cannot.) Third, where it says "Output" make sure that you've got your soundcard listed, not your device. I'm not sure why it's outputting to your USB device; you might want to click that bar and see if the proper device is selected. Good luck! ~jace
  4. Right. But can I use one or two sound FX from the game and it still be "okay"? ~jace
  5. I would download Audacity and import as wav and then use the LAME MP3 codec (Audacity will tell you how to get it) to export to MP3. It doesn't do that goofy break thing either. I hope that IL will fix this problem because it is obnoxious ~jace
  6. Ha! Fantastic! I've already got a fan What's the rule on using game sound FX? I really just want some of the "Pon Pon Pata Pon" drum and echo by the cute little eyeball things. Is there a rule against sound FX? Thanks guys, ~jace
  7. Really? Well, that's really encouraging Thank you very much ~jace
  8. I hate to pull the baby out of the basket and ruin the surprise, but I've been wanting to remix a theme from the recently released game from the PSP called Patapon. Before I devote a lot of time and energy into my first submitted remix (yikes! The suspense!) I want to know if a game like Patapon for the PSP (nobody has done a PSP remix) and even then if it would be "socially acceptable" to remix a game only a few months old Does anyone know the answer? Mostly you great established remixers of whom I aspire to be EDIT: Also, can I use some sound effects from the game as long as they are used right? Thanks, ~jace
  9. Thanks! I will contact him. I'm using FLStudio 7 XXL, and I'm assuming you're not using soundfonts but rather a VST? Or am I wrong? Congradulations; I love it. ~jace
  10. Oh man! That is brilliant! May I ask how you did it? Is it done inside Reason or FL or do you have something special? I'd love to work on something similar, cause NES was the best Thanks! ~jace
  11. I really like the beginning. I think you might blast the reverb more on the piano. I think that would really give the piano a lot more.... just... more of it The percussion is okay but really light, you might want to emphasize that a little more, along with the bass. Overall, it's a pretty solid mix and definitely a great reworking of the material. You did a fantastic job. Congrats! ~jace
  12. I used academicsuperstore.com and went ahead and bought the XXL edition. Let me tell you; I love the built in FL soundfont player. I use it all the time. If you do find out that it doesn't work, you just might want to get the FL version because 1. Drag and drop man... fantastic!! 2. They sound great when integrated... and 3.... well, #3 was stolen Lol. Good luck with it. ~jace
  13. Which version of FL are you using? ~jace
  14. Nah, it's not my first mix. (see http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=11885) I've made a dozen or so songs, but I'm pretty confident about this one hence the post. I thought about a drum solo but it didn't work too much... perhaps I could try with a quick pause and hop. Thanks for posting!!! ~jace
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