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    I'm a true blue gamer girl. I'm not a gamer to get attention from males, and I'm a girl that plays more than JUST DDR and Final Fantasy.

    I enjoy all kinds of games. My favorites however are the old school games. I have to admit, I love my Gunstar Heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Street Fighters. ^_^
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  1. I was silly enough to read while listening to this song. It just so happened to play when I got to a very, very emotional part of the novel. I had known before hand that a death was going to happen in this book, so I prepared myself for it. But THEN, a read a letter sent from the boy before he had died, and this song was playing. I still want to cry about it. This song intensified the emotion even from the novel. It is so full of feeling, and a song like this isn't made very often. I don't think I have ever had such a rush while reading any other book, while listening to any other song. So w
  2. I played the game on my dad's PS3 first. It was enjoyable... but different. I had to get use to it considering I still play Sonic Adventures 2 frequently. I then rented it for my Wii. Still a fun game, however, after the first two levels, my wrist really hurt. That was not so enjoyable. I think that I would perfer playing it on the PS3 rather then on the Wii. Less pain... >_>
  3. OMG yes! Gunstar Heroes is my all time favorite game! I would love to hear more remixes from it!
  4. I don't really hang out on youtube... So I don't know anything about youtube poops. But I can say that I hate redundancy, thus most of those videos weren't all that funny to me personally. Though I could see how other people would enjoy them.
  5. Since this topic's pages are the 100s, I was wondering if anyone here has Brawl tournaments? Does anywhere share codes and such?
  6. Ok so, My graphics director in the team is having some wrist troubles and come of the concepts need to be re sketched for you people to take a look at, since they are a few years old and have not been updated. I will be extending the deadline! The drawings will be coming soon.
  7. Well, my best suggestion is think like final fantasy 7. I mean, the game isn't that much like Final Fantasy, but that is the best match up I have. But honestly, be creative. It can have any feel to it. This is just the into theme song. I would kind of like it a little action packed and exciting, but as long as I enjoy the song, I'm happy with it. I'll try to find a sample of the songs I like. I did just put two examples up on the first post, at the bottom of the page. So take a look!
  8. To answer your questions, the game will be released onto a system. Because the game is just passed the drawing stages none of the 3d graphics or programming has begun. My team consisted of 7 people. Several people dropped out because they either did something that was completely uncalled for and had to be let go, or decided they didn't want into the gaming business. One of the people that I had to let go of happened to be our sound director. He in turn took all his music and I myself, attempted to create music in turn... and failed miserably. You will have rights to the song to the extent of
  9. Hello everyone! Here is the deal. I am currently working on several game concept ideas. I am in need of music for my games. I, myself, have NO idea how to create music. My team lost our music creator... So what I need is someone to create it for me. REQUIREMENTS What I require is a theme song for one of my games. The music must be a combination of one of the follow: - *Techno/Rock - Classical/Rock - *Techno/Classical * Techno covers Electronic and Industrial The song also must be more than 3 minutes[/1] in length. This game is an RPG and largely involved mechnical characters (eg. Me
  10. It kinda reminded me of Narnia, which is awesome because I loved the music to that movie. Well done!
  11. I'm looking forward to the game... it sucks that is won't be motion activated like most Wii games... but it will be fun all the same!
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