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  1. wow, pretty impressive. very cool mix. reminds me at ska, such as "the hotknifes" do. thats why i've to skank around, when i hear this title.
  2. very nice arrangement of the instruments. sound and chorus fit perfectly together. Especialy in the end. thats my favourite part (i'm listen to it again and again). thank you, that's great work!
  3. when heard the original theme the first in the xbox game mgs2 subst., i thought, that this is unremixable, cause it was so excelently composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. so i was wrong. you gave 'em more "gear". this track is really worth to stant for the one and only solid snake, the son of big boss
  4. well, i think this should be just a joke... oh by the way, it works, it makes me lough. it's definitly a new side of OCRemixes
  5. yeah, this track is amazing. quiet and loud, slow and full of power. that`s what a final fantasy mix should be like. thank you for wonderful moments.
  6. this was one of the first songs, that i've listen to on this site and it's my favorite funkmix. the drums are really kickin' ass. awesome job just like BramblesInTheBreeze.
  7. i'm listenin to this song right now. yeah that piano is great...especially at the end, great finish. thank for that amazing remix
  8. Wow great job. the instruments are choosen well. nice sax at 2.20 and that lovley violin at 2.58 that all fits togehter perfectly. the backgroundchorus in the end sounds amazing. well done ...
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