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  1. Utter genius. Astounding ability to pick music to fit any mood within a setting. Long may he continue to create!
  2. Ok, very engrossing track. Somehow I lost 4mins of my life and don't know where they went. So I listened to it again and again. Big fan of the FFVI soundtrack and feel that if the game was properly remade with current tech then this would be a strong candidate to be part of the OSV. As a track it doesn't rush to get anywhere quicker than it should, everything feels deliberate and as a result it works on a number of levels. No rush, but looking forward to your future tracks!
  3. Really enjoyed this track. I agree with the above post in that you wouldn't immediately think Locke + brass, but it works fantastically. Unfortunately the 4 minutes of listening to it just fly by too quickly!
  4. Got to love this track. Not only is it one of the very few in this project that consistantly stays somewhere near recognisable throughout, it is about the only one that has both the Act 1 and Act 2 themes. Excellent!
  5. Absolutely fantasic mix on all levels! This is the first mix I have heard from either of these two (to my knowledge anyhow) and I will certainly be looking for more. Brings back many great memories of my party being showered in pandora's box and shadow flares! EDIT: Actually I have found a colaboration done by prozax, ailsean and jaxx within my library so I hae heard from one of them at least! That track (from Uniracers) was great too.
  6. I must admit I was fairly sceptical of this mix at first but the more I listen to it the more I like it. It is certainly a great change to hear a tango version of the guitar-heavy GT4 intro. As said above, fantastic mix of genre! It is also nice to finally see a GT mix on this site!
  7. Despite it not being the only great song on the OST it is still a good track (and yet to appear on OCR). Seems a shame to see so few FFV mixes . Also, sorry that this message is not in keeping with the desired purpose of the topic, but it should be a fantastic collection of tracks. Especially if you are able to beat the quality of some of the existing FFVII remixes! Good luck!
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