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  1. This song is so.. so. so damn good.. It almost make me cry. >Well im drunk when i write this but i have heard this song before and its just. damn to good. Sounds like a theme song to an old James bond movie. and man i love James Bond movies (the old ones). keep it up. this is clearly one of the best songs on OCremix.. Love you.
  2. A Really good song from a very classic (and almost impossible game) Keep it up mate!
  3. Seriously how can people dislike this song? A mystery to me since i love the original song and ofc i love the game. Really nice first remix from Mellogear. Keep it up. 5/5
  4. Omg this is like T H E Remix. When the intro starts my world collapses and im forever trapped in the incredible(!!) beat! Dont really know what to say but .. omg. djpretzel sure knows how to shake some serious ass. Keep it up man !
  5. This song really is groovy. As many SF remixes the Remixer puts in sounds from the game wich makes it even better. Dont really got much to say more than this song is damn good and deserves a 5/5. keep it up mate!
  6. This remix is clearly one of the best songs there is. Really love the beginning of the track when they are checking all the radiostations. really really well done guys. 5/5
  7. nothing wrong with this song its funny. and how long does u think it was since Zelda got some c***. shes sleeping in 90% of the games.
  8. Dude there is no reason to redo this song. this is one of the best remixes there is. And i speak with my heart when i say so. Keep up the good Remixing
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