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  1. Hey djpretzel, I intend to start fresh with my video game remixes, but I wanted to know if I'm able to remove some of my old remix threads. I'm aware that I'm supposed post new content in them, except I don't want to relive my previous mistakes that includes me putting great ideas off. It gives me a very bad vibe by today's standards.

  2. Hey halc, I sent you a PM. 8-)

  3. Hey Bahamut, I decided to cancel my "Rocket Knights & Axel Gears" project, due to a lack of interest. I'll still be able to do Cerebal Sparkage though, plus I'm planning on a Rocket Knight fancomic. =)

  4. Whoops, I almost forgot! Welcome to Overclocked Remix! =D

    And to answer your question, it goes like this: [ URL = Link ] Name [ /URL ] Without the extra spaces. ;)

  5. Since I'm not able to PM you for some reason, I wanted to let you know about my remix project thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=36925

    Also, love your remixes, especially the Super Metroid and Megaman 8 ones. =)

  6. Alrighty, will do! Thank you for the advice. =)

  7. Hey Zircon! I was going to post my demoscene remixes I had posted at the Remix64 forums, but I'm not for certain if I'm allowed to do so at OCremix. Is the "Post Your Originals" the correct place? =)

  8. Hey KyleJCrb! While I have sent a PM about my project thread to you, I'm also seeking advice about projects. =) Do you have any suggestions, if any?

    Also, love your KNGI website! It looks great! =D

  9. Hey there, how it going? =) That TTA signature takes me back to my childhood. =D

  10. Hey JH, how's it going? Just came here to let you know that I sent you a PM. :grin:

    Also, in case my RK3 signature bothers you because of its similarity to yours, please let me know and I'll go ahead change it. :wink:

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