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  1. As an ongoing fan since nearly ten years ago, I don't often post on OCR but I feel now I'm required to share sincere feelings and thoughts. FF6 was the first Rpg I ever played and was a large impact on my impressions of story as a kid. If ever there was a movie adaptation done correctly, FF6 would be absolutely mind blowing. The characters, the setting, the story, everything. I often imagine this in daydreams of great detail off and again. I downloaded the album,lay on my bed, and listened in the dark. Never have I felt my imagination on this become so vivid and real. I consider myself a jaded person and these tracks leave me filled with real emotion. THIS album was done correctly and I would like to share my immeasurable appreciation and Thanks to all who made it a reality. This may be the closest I will ever experiencing my Final Fantasy fantasy and I am more than blown away with the results. Thank you ALL for your great work!!
  2. Nothing But A Pile Of Dance Moves....is one I hold close to my heart.....very secretly
  3. When I day dream....I day dream of video game movies....I make them so much better in my head than Hollywood ever could. Secret of mana is one of my favorites to do this with. Usually to a theme. This is the tune I use..from the game. I must now make my mind movie better to accomodate. Great theme...great arrangment...great remixer.
  4. I just wanted to hear some remix names that gave some peoples a chuckle or two...one that gave me the urged to make this topic. Anticitizen's "That's Besaid The Point" from Final fantasy 10...gave me a little smirky wurky! I'm not sure if this is a has been a post before (I wouldn't because I'm the casual type here)
  5. Why don't songs have a rating system? I often feel when something has a chance to be rated it gets the credit it deserves and can be found by those who seek. Just wondered why it wasn't available on Ocremix. I'm sure it has already been discussed.
  6. When I first heard the theme of this game I didn't really apply any emotion to it. After playing hours and hours in the very mysterious world of the nameless one i started craving more.The Dark story in a harsh land makes it a passionate title. Basically its a sweet game with pretty sweet music. Its a very exotic type of sound which could easily be remixed. Alot of beat, and a large choir is what i suggest Or some hip hop. The main theme has alot of variations within the game. It would make me happy to see it acknowledge for its greatness. If you watch speed 2 you can hear the same theme in the credits. Kinda of a weird thing i found.
  7. I'm alot like Sora from kingdom hearts, i was raised with my bother and we always compare eachother also having fun wherever we go meeting some crazy people. but I look like captain falcon, just not quite as manly and ripped.
  8. I guess i'm not the cool rational logical thinker i've thought. I won't start fights, i haven't been in one for a long time. I would like to be prepared defensively for sure, because i know others do like to fight regardless and its nice to be comfortable, but it doesn't really matter. Starting fights definately puts you at a dissadvantage in those kinds of situations. Thanks.
  9. I was at a party last night. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but alot of people were physically fighting outside. Someone asked me to come help and when i got there, Two people were tangled up in a fist match. Being the nice guy that i am, i try to break it apart. When i pulled the person who wasnt my friend off, one of their friends had pushed me to get off of them. I explained to him that i took no sides and was just preventing a fight. He walks up to me and pushes me again. Ironically being the cool rational logical thinker that i am i would have simply took a step back and discussed. Thats not what happened. I walked up to him and punched the guy in the face...while smashing his face in....a friend of his hit me in the side of the head, repeatedly.......really hard. So you know in video games were everything gets all hazy and slows down....that actually happens...When i was getting hit in my head from these knockout punchs i decided to do some ninja shiz. I twisted my body put my legs behind him and threw him to the ground. Understanding that i was partially retarded from being hit i took a step back and my friends came with cool heads to stop the fighting. I was unbelievable ok with everything and didn't feel the slightest bit of anger from getting hit. Infact i didn't feel hurt being happy that i'm pretty tough, yet i'm a pretty bad fighter. The guy who sucker punched me overheard me telling this story to my friends and apologized for hitting me....I felt no hate and understood he was just helping a friend....so foes are friends in seconds.... Today i spoke with friends learning that i didn't actually knock him down with a ninja move...i was beat up in need of help and a friend was fighting with me. four girls were also fighting along side which im sure most of you can enjoy imagining the brawl. I got whooped, But thats not what my friends are going to hear. I'm pretty sure i was hit in the head at least 6 times. Which was an intresting sensation. anyways....like kiriokiri and ray falling say just avoid drinkers and stereotypes to avoid getting in fights. Defense, not offense. Go ahead and share your stories fights....fun to read and write, eh?
  10. I'm a biological stereo...but i don't take batteries. Cash only.
  11. I can figure out how to get to city hall, but if we are late i wouldn't know how to get to your apartment.
  12. My plan has changed alittle bit. We may not leave florida until friday evening, which would halt us from making iit to an early type of meet up. We would still like to come to the bbq if thats ok, and of course we still might need a place to stay, hopefully still Jordans. If this is ok with you guys(zircon, Jordan)is it possible to message me your adresses? You never know if we will make it on time though, our plans aren't made of metamorphic stone. thanks.
  13. Yeah zircon me and a friend will most likely attend. Since we plan on staying the night that is with Jordan hopefully. I sold my body to a medical testing facility so i made a small fortune for the trip. well...enough momo, so i can help out on costs.
  14. My friend and I will need a place to stay. We will mainly live in his car for two weeks...So we will most likely need a shower or two aswell. It would greatly be appreciated. I also have a request if we are going to play video games, that smash brothers melee or halo be present. I'll do my best to represent the west coast! also, If anyone is down for a poker game, I'm not complaining;).
  15. my brother lives in so-cal so if it would be cool for me to chill id prolly join up cause after i travel east for a month. i'm living with him mid-july(planning after july 10th)
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