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  1. I gotta agree with Genoism still looking REALLY forward to this album. I haven't logged in in a very long time but I decided to come over and see what's crackin' and was happily surprised with this project! Its been a bit since I've seen updates on the first page, how's it going? Good I hope. Also to everyone that is working on this project I can't wait to hear your talent shine through, the little snippets we got for previews really hooked me you guys and gals are amazing! Totally got my support on this. Keep up the hard work! <3
  2. XD;;; Because there wasn't any devil may cry avatars and I love Atlus games specially Persona so why not? If they had Junpei though from Persona 3 FES I would use that instead as well but I'll stick to this one. <3
  3. Loved it when I first heard it at DoD, still love it now. And the title? What can I say it's afternoon tea with Snappleman's mom... I like it. XD Great flow and beats, still on my playlist.
  4. I can only agree, PLZ make a full song of this! Just from that small sample I was fully digging it, sweet guitar riffs and overall jamming beat. Here's crossing my fingers and hoping for more.
  5. Yeah I'm totally feeling the "Blood Sugar" pieces in there from Pendulum in this mix... aww so sweet. I've been listening to this remix since it was first posted and man.. still love it! There needs to be more remixes like this.
  6. I had it reserved and beat it like 4 days later, I'm a fast gamer. Great game, lovely graphics and I totally digged the music. And even though I knew how the game would end it still got me to cry. Yeah I really enjoyed it and I'm still enthralled with the 300 missions...
  7. Ren2


    I can agree to some degree, but, all you get is like what? One flash of a small devil trigger? That killed it for me, and Patty... oh lord... she annoyed me more than any boss battle from DMC ever could. I'm psyched to see the dubbed version since Reuben the game's VA/Mo-cap is doing the voice. But... the battles were far too short (even the final one) and every episode was something new, sort of hard to follow.
  8. :3 Awesome choices! X3 I myself rarely listen to screamo but umm... Kidney Thieves is a group with a female lead singer. They do rock and softer rock too. She doesn't do much screamo but.. eh.. I like it. :3 Give them a listen when you have time, here's one of my favs by them.... Glitter Girl and Brakish by Kittie is pretty good too if you want some type of screamo but the lyrics are still understandable. ^^;
  9. I would like to send out my condolences to Mr. Kee's family. Though I too only knew about him through his music I can only wish for the best for his family. Upon first hearing his music on this site I was motivated to start the piano, and this news... brought me to tears instantly. He was an inspiration and his music was heart warming. He will forever live on by his music and in our hearts. I will keep him in my prayers, rest in peace Mr. Kee you will not be forgotten. ~Shahrezad
  10. God... this is, truly tragic for those 5 men and there families. RIP, and Reuben you will forever live on in your music and in our hearts. His music was truly an inspiration... I can only cry and wish for nothing but the best for his family as well as the other men's families.
  11. ~_~ Heh, I don't normally review so, forgive me for my lack of knowledge in music techs and such. I will say that, yes,I sensed a little bit of J-pop/rock/whatever kind of flow in there with the vocals but it was okay, I wasn't fully bothered with that. However, I will say the style you portrayed in the Chorus and the Bridge were just.... awesome.. I mean.. I loved it!! It flowed nicely with the original theme in there and I wished it would continue like that; ethereal. "If I got to give some point to the new man tryin' to run my joint" the way that was said >.<d I liked that energy. Hmmm what else...? OH YES!! In the end, the bridge... it won my heart over despite all else. I would like to see another remix of this song with the flow the bridge had, I can't stop listening to that part! Great job! b>.<d
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