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    Lingering in the Abyss that resides in your own shadow. There is no escape for you.

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  1. I really like this song. Makes me feel like I'm walking through an old-style Arabian marketplace.
  2. Man, I finally got around to downloading this mix, and WOW, this is badass. Love the guitar and drums...really makes it live up to the "Wily Metal" title
  3. This mix is pretty damn badass. I just hope mp and Beatdrop decide to remix the Doom Fortress (last stage) from Mystic Quest.
  4. This is another badass song in the MegaMan collection AE has already established. I truly hope that after he has finished of MegaMan 2 he will move his remixing genius over to the other megaman titles.
  5. maybe Chaos was hard cuz I ran through the game with 4 black mages cuz Lit 1 looked so cool
  6. After playing dozens of RPG's, RTS's, and FPS's, I can safely say that the 2 hardest bosses I ever fought were off of Xenogears. THe first would have to be Id on foot (prolly 'cuz I was using Rico the "I can't hit jack" mongoloid ) and the second would have to be Deus without killing his little orb things (he killed a gear a round... ). Other tough bosses would include Death (name/spelling?) off of FFV and Chaos off of FF1.
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