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  1. I think the only reason I'm so attached to the first soundtrack is that despite how simple the game itself is, the story really got to me. But Darkesword you're right, Ezio's story had some really beautiful music too. I'd just be ecstatic if anything from the series ended up in a remix. I admit that the later titles probably have more potential in a remix, as the melodies are stronger, and most of the original soundtrack was ambient, but I'd still like to see it tackled And thanks, Argle.
  2. Not particularly, the whole soundtrack is wonderful, but I do think that the first game had the best music. I found the entire soundtrack to it on youtube here: From someone who hasn't got any experience remixing, but plenty listening to OCR, I know that it might be challenging, as there aren't many exceptionally strong melodies to play with, but I also think it might be fun to tackle.
  3. I've searched the OC database for remixes based on the music from the Assassin's Creed series and oddly enough, found that there isn't a single one! I was really surprised, as I found even the understated background music really great to listen to. I'd love to hear some remixes of any genre (and believe me, if I had any musical ability and didn't play the piano like a baby elephant, I'd have a go myself). This is just a broad suggestion, really. I hope somebody takes the challenge.
  4. I first listened to this remix about a year ago. at the time I didn't really give it much thought, though I used to come to OC Remix every now and then just to listen to it, as I liked the vocals. It was only when i actually started playing FFX -last week- that I realised how relevant it was. as soon as Yuna first mentioned the words 'final summoning' I thought wait a minute... thats the name of a remix so I came back, six months later, still remembering the name (which I rarely do, even on my favourite remixes here). Suffice to say thats a good thing. I adore this, I love how you've given the hymn of Fayth a more powerful and dynamic feel to it as I felt the original version lacked something - this delivered what I'd been missing. A fantastic remix and the ending couldn't have been more perfect. Wonderful.
  5. I love a good beat to a remix and paired with the semi-dark backing, this was pretty much a perfect for me - I use a lot of OCR stuff as 'writing music', something to write to that has the kind of emotion I'm looking for in my writing, and this is being listened to almost constantly right now for writing purposes. Huge applause for this one, CotMM
  6. Just stumbled across this on my way around the site and ... I love it! Its just one of those pieces that you can chill out to, close your eyes, tap your fingers and enjoy it. Thats what music is about, right? getting enjoyment out of a piece, and this is what this remix does for me. Thumbs up, JAXX. I dont care how many years old a mix is, this is damned good and needs recognition. Thanks for making my playlist a little more enjoyable n_n
  7. Hmm... the almost tribal drumbeats remind me of Tikal's theme from Sonic Adventure... only 100 times more well done. There's something very laid back about this remix - it doesn't attempt to wow with over complicated tunes or chord progressions, it just... is a well produced, highly enjoyable remix. I love it, top marks n__n
  8. Simply... awesome. So what if Schala's been remixed over and over and over - that just goes to prove how many different things you can do to one track. It's really nice to listen to stuff like this once in a while. Something you can just chill out to and enjoy. Nice one.
  9. There's one thing I like in an instrumental, and thats my strings! This remix has plenty of stringiness for me to enjoy. I was hooked after the first 5 seconds, and the chord changes made it a really relaxing piece to listen to - I can imagine myself doing yoga or something to this one xD But seriously I loved it.
  10. I've got a lot of Mazedude's stuff on my playlists lately, and though I have to say this isn't his best, its still worth a mention! I love the beat - the drums and bass make it sound like a latin piece, and the twinkly (I'll call it twinkly cause I'm not sure exactly what it is xD) synth just adds something a bit lighter to even it up. The one qualm I have with this piece is the fact that it simply fades out - it would have been nice to hear a nice dramatic drum solo or a clash or something at the end. Otherwise, very pretty n__n
  11. I have to admit, I have a weakness for a good set of synths, and this hit the nail right on the head. I'm normally really picky about what remixes I'll download - they have to have a certain something for me to want to download it, and this was more than good enough for me - the chord transitions were especially well done. *applauds*
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