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  1. 2 or 3 hours for a song ? lol wow you load up a midi, add midi synth + fake guitars and edit 3-4 little things then load drumloops ? Not my style. And honestly I really hate the source I got.
  2. I hope I'll come up with something good, I like your source, at first I was like "wtf this is weird" lol

    But yeah, it rocks and feels rock somehow

  3. Those 2 are dead. Who do you owe rights to when they are dead ? I see no problem there.
  4. Anyway, I've just downloaded Iconoclast, the last Symphony X album that will be avaible in store next week. Listening atm But I'll buy it.
  5. I remember one day I sent an email to those who made Guitar Pro, telling them that I use a pirated version of their GP5 but that I had the intention to buy the product in a near futur because I used it for a lot of years and that it helped me so much. In the reply, they asked me to 'spread the word' about their software to my friend who composed (talk good) as a penitence until I buy it. I think they were more glad to have a someone sold to their product before even buying it.
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