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  1. There was a song about a month ago that my band director decided to show the entire band out of a spur of insanity. The name of the song was "Commando". It featured a toy soldier's speech box being manipulated into a remix-song. The chorus is something like "Commando Commando Commando-mando-mando" Then there are fake machine guns, and, oh... It was amazing. Trick is, I have no idea by whom it was created or where to find a copy. And my director is indisposed. So... Anybody know the song?
  2. Requiem for a dream, sorry....
  3. What's the name of that epic song... Something like Symphony for a dream, or something... I can't remember it!
  4. This is one of the most splendid remixes I've heard ina long while. With wonderful bass tracks, and Linkin Park-esk lyrics, I would expect this song to be heard on the radio with some minor tweaking! I simply loved the remix, and wish to see mixing maybe move towards this kind of style, with more lyrics, and less repetitive techno-beats, as seems to be a common trend. Again, this song has quickly joined my favorites list, and I seem to find a nice piece of the song that I may have missed before ever time I listen to it. Thank you Star. Thank you...so...much...
  5. Well, it's not entirely true that you can't develop a changing theme or narrative regarding feelings, for instance- I heard a song on the radio the other day going through a man's dirty divorce and heartbreak, but ending with him finding another woman and falling in love again. That's a change. Also Epic may have been a poor choice in words, but I mean something slightly more than a guitar and a piano. I want some emotion in it.
  6. I need an Epic Love song, preferably one that ends on a good note. A ballad displaying heartbreak, and eventual happiness would be really nice. I can't currently think of any good ones, but I'd appreciate some help!
  7. What do you think is the most Annoying J-Pop ever? I may be the only one that listens to it on a regular basis, but I was wondering if anyone else can think of a really obnoxious, techno, J-Pop Headache in an MP3. I'll consider my vote, but I'd like to hear what others think.
  8. I was wondering how exactly to choose one file out of a torrent to download individually from the rest with Azureus "P2P". I've done it before, and remember it took me a grand week to figure out how. I need to do it again, but cannot with Transmission, so I'm in a quandary as to how I might go about such a task.
  9. No, we're playing in a competition, but we're taking a one day break. We're playing VG music (possibly) for our concert, NOT the competition.
  10. Well see, we have large group competition coming up, so if we convince him through this "holiday" that the music is great, we definately will have some for our spring concert. This is a catalyst in helping him geek-ify band. My Tetris, and FF Victory song stands tunes were enough to start it, but no where near enough to win the battle.
  11. In celebration of Winter-Een-Mas our Concert Band director agreed to allow us to play Video Game music one day in school. So my question is this: Does anyone have any concert band arrangements of songs for us to use?
  12. The arrangement of the music was such that the first time through I heard evry song piece, but upon listening to the music found it honestly blended as an almost Chopin-esque piece. My band teacher thought it was Bach, or something...
  13. It all... Sounds... So... Fattening... I'll post a recipe soonly.
  14. My lazyness loses once again. Looks like a few extra hours at the computer for me!
  15. Wow, this is probably the dumbest question I've ever asked- but here goes: Is there any way to take an Mp3 recording of piano, and automatically translate it into a sheet, or midi form? That would be REALLY farfetched program at any rate.
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