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    At the age of 10 Mattias started taking lessons at the piano, but it wasn't until age 15 he really embraced composition. Mattias found interest in the drums, composing music and performing with bands like Embracing, Naglfar, Tired Tree and Azure. At an age of 17 in 1995 he released his debut album with Naglfar called "Vittra" which immediately received great success and led to more releases with his other bands. Embracing "I bear the burden of time" was recorded and released in 1996, and the following year saw the release of Embracing "Dreams left behind".

    Early 1998 he begun studying composition and arrangement for orchestral, jazz and pop/rock music and begun writing music in a wider area of styles. This year he also participated on the Azure "Moonlight legend" album and played drums for Darkside Cowboys "Disclosure II" CD.

    Finally in 2002 after releasing his first solo album under the name Tired Tree he resigned from the job as project engineer at SEMKO in Stockholm and decided to start his own business, producing audio for the entertainment industry. With focus upon game audio Morningdew Media was born. The company name comes from one of the songs of the Embracing 'Dreams left behind' album which he recorded in 1997.

    The following years was spent producing studio recordings with different artists, and he also contributed with some work for a antidrug compilation CD. He did a remix/cover of the Moody Blues song "Blue world" for a compilation CD called Higher and Higher - a tribute to the moody blues released by Mellow records.

    In 2004 Mattias begun studying design in Skellefteå while working on music for a few game projects like Sprint Madness, Furiae and Rightous Battles. 2007 Ice Game Studios got in touch and Mattias started working on the orchestral fantasy scores for their game LEGIO which will be released early 2010. Currently Mattias is working on a number of different games, albums and music projects for consols, PC and iPhone. Check the webs
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    Mattias Holmgren
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    Composer & Audio Designer

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  1. Bawu is a chinese "reed" wind instrument, sounds a bit like a Clarinett. Quite dark tone, haunting. It's got a quite narrow scale, so it's crucial to play with alot of bending between the notes. =) The instrument is featured in a few of the tracks but is most prominent in the song "Wings of Luminati". http://open.spotify.com/track/6Yimx5l1UITsRGEkPQk8yR You can hear it clearly at 0:30 and throughout the track. Luminati OST album is now also on spotify, iTunes and Amazon etc. Check it out and thanx for the support!!! http://itunes.apple.com/se/album/luminati-ost/id447896199 http://open.spotify
  2. Just wanted to let you know we released version 1.2 of Luminati with tons of new stuff in the app store. Check it out and let me know what you think! New features in v1.2: * Online match against random opponent implemented. * Online leaderboards. * Achievements implemented. * 2 player mode spawns both Wings of fury and impaler. * No powerup limit in multiplayer mode. Bugs fixed: * Moving tokens in the same instant time was up resulted in unsynced game board. * Game board is now correct after Wings of fury powerup usage. * Fixed random crash (cocos2d updated to 1.0.0rc3)
  3. YES, the full Original soundtrack OST from LUMINATI is finally available at bandcamp. http://mattiasholmgren.bandcamp.com/album/luminati-ost The album features 12 tracks, and many of those are bonus tracks from the trailer and themes produced during the Luminati scoring sessions. Fans of Hollywood action/thriller scores and unique ethnic instruments will not be disappointed. On one of the tracks I even played the chinese Bawu which has a really haunting tone. Check it out and let me know what you think of it! Cheers, Mattias http://www.morningdewmedia.com
  4. I'm glad you like some of the music I produce. It's been a long road, I have put alot of time studying film music and composition (actively and non-active), different musical genres since I begun writing music in the age of 15-16. It's easy to overdress music with too much sounds, melodies, chords and instruments. But with time I realized that the core of a good/cool/long-lived theme benefits alot more from less-but-better-sounding-instruments and to develop melodic ideas (with a more delicate hand). The "Less is more" works on everything! =) Today I try to work with as much real instruments
  5. Hey folks, Just thought I should drop a line and let you know that you can listen to the EP soundtrack of our game Luminati at http://www.morningdewmedia.com/luminati. I used some really cool instruments in the music production of the game, like the Bawu, which has a really haunting timbre. You can also listen to tracks from other released (and upcoming games) at my soundcloud page. http://www.soundcloud.com/mattiasholmgren Luminati was recently released in the app store, so go and check it out. Game description: Luminati is an enchanted connect-four with powerups. Play against the smart AI o
  6. Hey, please email me at mattias@morningdewmedia.com and I will send a copy of the original Final Fantasy Burden of truth remix that I recorded. I have a you tube clip where I play it live at:

    Glad you enjoyed the track!

    Do you have an iPhone? If so, please check out my game LUMINATI (super cinematic music which I wrote):


    And if you are eager to hear more of my music just have a listen to a big collection at:


    Kind regards,

    Mattias Holmgren / Composer

    Morningdew Media


  7. Hey, looking for help with a Midna's Lament remix from Zelda: Twilight Princess. Here's a rough idea of the piece (midi). Interested?

  8. Hi! I was just reading the judges comments for the Crisis Core "Burden of Truth" remix you sent them and it sounded like it was an awesome remix. I was wondering if you uploaded it anywhere cause I'd like to hear it! I'm sorry they "NO'ed" it :(

  9. Hi folks, I'm so glad to learn that you appreciate the remix. I really put some hours into that production and had alot of fun creating it. Since you all liked this one so much, I'm eager to do another remix with the same kind of "sounds". Do you have any suggestions on a theme I should remix with the same kind of setup? Everything was recorded playing live on my masterkeyboard. Yes, the percussive pattern was copied and pasted on a few places and some filter-fades were of course recorded afterwards. But the leads and solos were all done in one-shot (well I think I played it about 3-4 times be
  10. Hey folks, I just wanted to let you know I have some new game remixes available at my blogg. Check them out at http://blogg.morningdewmedia.com Also be sure to check out the game LEGIO which will be released Q2 2009 which features my orchestral music. The game was published by Paradox interactive. Enjoy! Cheers, Mattias Holmgren / Composer for media http://www.morningdewmedia.com http://www.morningdewmedia.com/luminati
  11. Hi folks, This is Mattias Holmgren the composer/remixer writing. I've been busy with alot of albums (Azure, Embracing) and my audio production company for the past months. Due to the high pressure of people telling me they wanted more songs like the Mega Man 2 track I spent a few hours yesterday and wrote this creazy song called "Fullblood". www.morningdewmedia.com/music/fullblood.mp3 Let me know if you enjoy it! Yours sincerely, Mattias Holmgren www.morningdewmedia.com
  12. First I would like to thank you all for the great reviews I've recieved. I really appreciate it, and I'm considering doing another remix. I've just started my own music/fx production company and is about to break into the game industry. It sure is challanging, but I have the talent and musical skills for it. And some companies has already shown interest. If Capcom asked me, I would gladly make a cover album of Mega man 2 songs, or even better. I would write the music for their next game. I've tried to contact them but without success. If you like what I did to the Mega man song, check out my p
  13. I use Ibanez RG570 with POD pre-amp. POD sucks but I don't have anything else to record the guitar through. Check my homepage for more info about my equipment. http://starfall.soulreaper.net/matte
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