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  1. actually DKC3 album was started when this one was released. it's in the works (find it in the projects thread). Interestingly, they're remixing both the original SNES soundtrack by Eveline Fischer and the GBA version by David Wise P.S. Dixie, not Trixie
  2. Hmm. Same Eastern sound as newcomer Guifrog's DKR remix Shiva Nataraja. Not a bad thing!
  3. I should've clarified. I only download and keep the songs that pass my judgment (bwa), soooo... what I said only applies to those songs. I've become rather picky!
  4. My apologies. After reading a bio of Kefka I realized how little I actually knew about him. I should've looked into his story more before making my remarks on the lyrics. They make more sense in that context. I'm still curious about what "Morte aeterna" means. Eh. Nevermind. Just looked it up. "Eternal death": "Grant unto them eternal rest Eternal death Lord, have mercy!" Definitely a song fit for Kefka. The ironic thing is you say you'd think they'd pray for him to grant them eternal rest (eternal death) to end their suffering at his hand, but the God of mainstream Christianity is portrayed as endlessly torturing souls in hell. It's no wonder many become atheists or agnostics. But is it an accurate picture of Him? Hats off to very deep lyrics
  5. a_d

    Whoa, some Brazilian guy by the name of David Hsu Yen made this picture. Couldn't have been you?

  6. Some people have commented on a video of this I uploaded to YouTube and pointed out some neat easter eggs: 5:19 Psalm 23 (Bible) 5:27 Frog's Theme (Chrono Trigger) 5:40 Kraid's Lair (Super Metroid) 5:55 Title Theme (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
  7. I like this a lot, although it started to get old before it ended. Reminiscent of Torvus Clockwork
  8. Zircon? Thanks to Shreddage, Sixto now lives in your computer. Too much powuh, my friend
  9. Apparently the link to this wallpaper died, too
  10. i think this is the best quality album of OCR yet, although it is short and seems to be veteran exclusive. looking forward to the other 4!
  11. You don't have to download it as a torrent file. You can download the zip file (album artwork included) from the site by clicking on "Download the Complete .zip file!" just below the torrent link. Just to make it easier, here's the link: .zip"]link
  12. Heh, there's no doubt that the Russian piece is the inspiration behind the Hideo's franchise theme, they're so similar. This doesn't constitute plagiarism, I don't think, because the two themes differ enough. But, as it has been pointed out, the MGS rendition is waaaayy better. And the jazz is nice btw EDIT: I think it was plagiarism if credit wasn't given to Sviridov, as it seems it wasn't since it took everyone by surprise when the similarity was pointed out. But I don't know that it constitutes copyright infringement, since the creative works differed enough. I'm not sure, though, since, at least in the original MGS theme the whole structure seems to follow Winter Road so closely. I dunno Also, I take back that the MGS theme is waaaay better. After listening to Winter Road several times, I think it's extremely beautiful
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