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  1. Nice work, this is an incredible improvement! Whatever you're doing, keep it up. "Take my hopes and dreams" was a pleasure for the ears. The harmony is a lot more fluid, too. I have to admit that in regards to submitting this, the track would need a boost. In terms of your voice fitting in as an instrument (which I agree with), either effects on the vocals or a more 'fitting' track (or both) will help. I'm not saying the current track doesn't work.. I'm just saying the judges will listen to it with high standards.
  2. I can't help but think SnappleMan's opinion is due to the lack of vocal effects. None the less, it should be more than obvious that I disagree with him. I've been a huge fan of yours since our piano-vocal take of Dream Shore! I don't think I can add anything that hasn't been addressed. The section that begins with "And you're not alone..." is certainly my favorite part. It wouldn't hurt to give a shot at the earlier sections with a lower octave; it might work out, it might not. As for the harmony, some places sound out of tune (as others have said), but it'll sound gorgeous when that's all fixed up. It'll be well worth it! This is a beautiful track. Keep up the fantastic work! PS. SnappleMan, she gave those excuses because of how rude you made your criticism sound. I'm sure you would feel offended if someone insulted your own work like that. Otherwise, you should not assume it wouldn't make someone else feel offended.
  3. This is amazing. And it's amazing that it's improvised. You have talent, that's for damn certain. I agree with those who think this is OCR worthy. Polish it up and submit it. I look forward to seeing it pop up on the home page! Edit: In response to your question, I would have to say that I prefer the low note drumming of the second take.
  4. Hey! This isn't really a remix, actually. It's a boss theme for an RPG I'm developing with some friends. Of course, this makes no huge difference in the long run. Rather than thinking of this as a piece of music with a beginning, middle, and an end, think of it as a ongoing loop. Yep, so other than that, I'm just on the lookout for some suggestions/criticism. It's not very long (nor does it have to be), but to be honest... I just ran out of ideas. Making it longer might be a good idea. Any comments will make me happy though! Oh, I haven't done any mastering, so keep that in mind. Thanks! Link: http://neowneow.googlepages.com/Retlaf_WIP_Glass02.mp3 Edit: Sorry if this belongs in the Non-Remix forum. I put it here because, for one, it's a rearrangement of a Crystal Chronicles song, and also because I aim to achieve OCR standards with this.
  5. You have some really neat effects going on here! This is stuff that I wish I knew how to do, myself. As far as I can tell, this seems ready for the panel. If by chance it happens not to get accepted, do NOT give up. You have something truly great here. Nice work!
  6. I'm loving this new addition to my playlist. ^^ Keep up the great work, avaris. I don't have enough wicked ambience stuff like this. In all honesty, I do believe this has a nice chance at getting past those judges. Good luck with it!
  7. I dig this tons! I haven't worked on anything in awhile so I don't have anything helpful to say really, except that I don't *think* the judges would accept this quite yet. Although fun to listen to, they are rather picky and reject lots of things which, in my opinion, should be accepted. But that's strictly my opinion! In terms of getting this accepted, it seems a bit repetitive. The pad really dominates, and the other instruments should be given more audio real-estate, if you know what I mean. Try mixing up the 'main' sound/instrument midway and experiment with more varied chord progressions. Of course, you could submit, and if it's not accepted you'll get very nice detailed feedback from the judges none the less. Although, if you feel no need to continue work on it, I'm sure you'd have a nice shot over at remix.thasauce.net if you're interested.
  8. When I started reading the reviews, I was quite surprised by the contraversy. I expected to see nothing but 11/10s. Of course, to each their own. I personally really enjoy it, regardless of the fact that I'm not a fan of vocal arrangements (as others have also stated). I've probably listened to this song fifty times. What makes this piece so great is that it was made by friends who each combined their unique talents. Someone else said that this song is not about being 'the best remix,' but rather about the feeling that was put into the song. I totally agree with this. So much, in fact, that I had some friends over to my place this weekend to work on a collaboration, simply just for the fun of mixing each of our unique skills into something. Of course, it doesn't compare to the brilliance found in Lover Reef, but we still had fun (edit: spelling/grammar)
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