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  1. Aw man, I really wanted to hear a mix using that chameleon twist tune, since the two entrants used the other source. You should have submitted even if it wasn't finished, a lot of people do submit incomplete 1 minute mixes (including myself).


    Yeah fair point, should've done really. I'm really surprised no one else had a go remixing your selection. I thought my choice was going to get completely overlooked when I heard it, lol. Perfect VGM, really. Happy and full of nostalgia. Well, I felt nostalgic listening to it and I haven't even bought the game yet.

  2. Nice job guys and girls. I see I guessed your samples completely wrong then Kat, lol. Ah well. You got a really nice sound out of them anyway. If they were the old ones I can't wait to hear what you do with the new ones. Don't know if you're reading this but congrats Iosphere nonetheless. :nicework:

  3. Voted. As I'm on a roll, I'll leave a little comment for Mike as I'm listening to it now. Nice remix, man. I can hear the Supercoolmike signature sound coming through on those triplet kicks and spacey synths. Good drum beat, I like the placement of the second snare. Nice groove. Shame you didn't manage to submit this by the deadline mate, I really like it. Cool stuff.

  4. The new intro's cool, I like that. I'm not very knowledgeable about production, so I can't really comment on that side of things. But I think you've done a great job with the drums; they pop out at you. The new breaks are a fantastic addition. You've done a quality arrangement - it has a lot of substance. Nice build-up, saving the more complicated drum fills for the second half of the remix. Maybe you milk the climax a bit more by thinning out the instrumentation at the start? Or perhaps instead making even more of that exciting opening by throwing some of those busy drum breaks you've used later on, just to kick the whole thing off with a bang.

  5. Thanks, evktalo. Appreciate the comments, mate. I was happy with it... although listening back now, it could've done with more actual arrangement I feel. I guess the interpretation was pretty simple. That's what I liked about yours - very imaginative arranging, not to mention cool guitar playing. I'm impressed with how you did it all on the day of the deadline, more than anything. Sounds like you could've been working on it all week. Congratulations on your win! Looking forward to seeing what source you decide on.

  6. I've never given it any thought before, but it does seem a bit odd. The way I see it, though, "female-fronted" is just another pointless classification in heavy music, along with all the sub-genres within sub-genres that don't need to exist.

  7. Congratulations, fxsnowy! I really liked your remix. All of you guys turned out solid remixes... very creative. I have to say I felt slightly embarrassed upon hearing the other entries after submitting my own... it was a rather basic use of the source in comparison with all your nifty re-arrangements. :P An upping of the game is in order I think.


    Until next time!

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