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    colorado orpilla-weeks
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    software engineer (surprise, surprise)


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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Analog Lab V
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
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    Acoustic Guitar
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    ukulele, electric kazoo

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  1. @Hemophiliac consider us even for "Steeling Hearts" ? but in all seriousness, i loved "You're Not From This Town!"
  2. man i would love to be part of this but my schedule might be packed! if anybody's interested in a collaboration partner born before 1999 i'm down! edit: stuff i can contribute as a collab partner can be seen on my OCR profile! edit 2: if anybody's down for collabing with me on a Deep Rock Galactic or a One Step from Eden remix please hit me up! i would love to do arrangements of either game and i will move heaven and earth to make time in my schedule to do one, but i might need some help!
  3. @aeroprism i'm game for revisiting this, transposing this to a more comfortable key for you is no issue at all! thanks to all the judges for your insight!
  4. so, shout out to Hemo and HoboKa letting me know on two separate occasions during MAGFest (sorry, the internet was bad!) that my silly little city pop romp won this round of PRC. thank y'all so much for the love! it was my first time attempting the genre for a track from a silly game that meant so much to me. i'm sending all of my love to you, suspended on silver wings! you all did such amazing tracks. i've been thinking about my winner's pick for quite a bit. while it was tempting to suggest another city pop-leaning piece (lookin' at you, hazure02!) i wanted something sentimental, something to spark inspiration while we're all feeling sentimental. my source pick is "the afternoon streets" from kingdom hearts, by Yoko Shimomura. midi download link (VGMusic): https://www.vgmusic.com/file/12681e383f82817929690513b1ea8f39.html hope to see you all around! keep making bangers!
  5. i'll be there friday and saturday! OCR has a panel and i'm looking forward to meeting y'all in person :)
  6. great work everyone! i'll be bumping this all the way up to my parents' place for christmas!
  7. finally finished my entry. looking forward to hearing everyone's remixes!
  8. i never got the chance to do PRC due to scheduling conflicts, but i'll try and make this last one!
  9. this remix was my intro to OCRemix. i'm listening to it again for the first time in over 15 years and it's still one of my favorites on the site
  10. i love the psx games but i honestly have no preference. i'm willing to go anywhere to balance out team numbers!
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