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  1. oooh not sure what to do with all of this freedom, but i'll see what i can whip up!
  2. congrats HarlemHeat on your win, and congrats to everybody for creating such great pieces! i had so much fun listening to what you all cooked up!
  3. take care HoboKa and take all the time you need to rest and recuperate! ❤️
  4. got my entry in, and my computer is very upset with me for it! good luck everyone!
  5. happy spoopy season everyone! can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
  6. oh dang this is fun! this is definitely not a genre i've ever worked in but i'll do my best to make something work!
  7. haha you're welcome! i've got a soft spot for latin grooves so i'm glad you had a go at it too!
  8. glad to be here! 😊 i've never actually played "wild arms," but after seeing some gameplay (and all the sweet anime cutscenes) yeah, i could probably see the similarities. i should definitely play through it when i've got the time (i tried picking up granstream again and sadly, it's not as fun as i remembered, even with the fun story)
  9. got my bonus entry in! me, making it: “hey, the brass kinda makes it sound like ‘Tank!’ i wonder what would happen if i add the bass from it” me, after adding the “cowboy boopboop” bass and realizing it works: “goddamnit”
  10. i realize most of me remixing video game music ends up being a "will it salsa" moment, and most of the time it's a resounding "no" hopefully this time it'll stick????
  11. hi everyone, i’m colorado weeks! “colorado” is fine too, but my government name isn’t, unless i know why you know it.😨 i’m an amateur song making person based in not-so-scenic new jersey. i’ve been following ocremix fairly casually since i was a kid in the mid 00’s, but never really got around to joining until now. (or maybe i had at some point, but i’ve no idea what sort of handle i might have used!) though i’ve dabbled in some musical stuff as a kid, (choir, orchestra, a summer of oboe i still treasure despite never picking it up again) i’ve never really gotten down to making my own music and remixes until fairly recently. i entered a couple of compos this summer for the heck of it, and needless to say i got hooked! on the personal side of things, i have a (currently) one-year-old child that i’m simultaneously proud of and perplexed by, i yell at computers to do my bidding for a living, and i’m currently pursuing an online masters degree in computer science at ASU! if you have any pointers (pun unintentional) let me know! i need all the help i can get. 😰 it’s really inspiring to see what everyone’s working on and it’s fun to know that there are also other people who are really into this stuff too! i’m so glad to finally join this community, and i’m really looking forward to meeting all of you!
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