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  1. I agree that the synth guitar could use some work but the rest was pretty top notch! I really liked the percussion. Hasta la vista, baby!
  2. Excellent composition! I thought it was a little too random for my tastes but it shows some impressive skill.
  3. Wow! I listened to some of the WIPs and it sounds like this cool be a really cool project. I'm looking forward to it.
  4. The most difficult Boss for me was...Culex from Super Mario RPG!!!! I think the last time I played it I just used cheats to beat him. Ok, I'm a lazy punk.
  5. Chrono Symphonic is an excellent album! Thanks to everyone who worked on it. There were a few songs that I didn't like much but overall it is top-notch! I think it would be great if a movie was made to go with the music but that probably won't be happening. Not any time soon anyway.
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