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  1. Aero Fighters Assault for the N64. That was so many shades of awesome.
  2. Not sure if this counts as "actually good", but I found it amusing nonetheless:
  3. Inbound 4chan material, though not entirely irrelevant:
  4. This remix is incredible! It's deliciously fast-paced, bordering on the hectic, and most importantly, it's the B theme instead of the eternal A theme everybody and their grandmother has been mixing to some sort of entropic death. It's the sort of mix that makes me wish I knew a lot of technical musical expressions to more specifically dissect the various glories contained within, but I don't. So for the time being, "tremendously awesome" will have to suffice. More, Mr. Grover, more of this!
  5. In all of the 165 pages this thread so far accounts for, I haven't seen the boss I found hardest mentioned as much as a single time, whilst several bosses I can't find any great challenge in have had their names nervously, possibly even wrathfully chanted. Gruntilda, from Banjo-Kazooie. Hands. Freaking. Down. It takes a very, very long time, because you can't just attack the damn witch whenever you please; you have to wait until she stops, until statues appear, until...etc. And when those windows of opportunity are open, you'd better not fail to use them or you'll be sorry for yet another tw
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