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  1. This has a killer beat to it. One of the best video game songs I know just got better.
  2. The best music in Sonic 3, and you improved upon it?!?! <head explodes>
  3. My first love for techno songs started when I rented Extreme G for my N64 years and years ago. I thought the race theme couldnt get any better. Thanks for proving me wrong!
  4. Shinobi III was the best Sega Genesis game of all time, in my opinion. Thanks for a great memory revamped!
  5. A very unique way to remix Lava Reef. Some may not like this song, but take heart, they're total morons. This kicks ass.
  6. This remix wins, especially the classic rock format in the second part of the song. The original always makes me cry, this one made me cry and want to wave a lighter above my head.
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