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  1. I really enjoyed this one. I'm afraid I don't have much meaningful input for it, though. Did anyone else notice the hint of Chrono Trigger at about 2:35, or am I insane? Sounded a bit like the 600 AD overworld music. I must be losing my mind.
  2. Yeah, I probably should have done that myself, but in the rush to figure out how to tell the original artists, I failed to remember. It seems a lot of people on that site don't exactly read the TOS. At all. <3 EDIT: Whoops, I imagine disabling BBCode also affects quotes.
  3. Sorry to post on an old remix, but I found some worthless bugger claiming this remix as his own work, right here: http://furaffinity.net/view/90119/ Anyone know how to contact the original authors and tell them about it? Thanks.
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