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  1. Haven't been here in a long while. There's been a lot going on in my personal life, so I haven't had the time to work on my tracks. But, I did some changes to this track this weekend, and I would love to get some feedback. Currently working on lyrics... it's hard! Updated version: http://www.mediafire.com/?4nbz561uxwk
  2. Hmmm, that's a hard question. Well, if you're going to stick with what you have now, you need to work on the mastering. Also the cymbal feels a bit misplaced(?). But, maybe an electronic and ethnic fusion could be cool? In an uptempo kind of way, because the intro is really laid back and slow. Try to make the drums communicate a little with the new section you've added. Maybe use some of the same samples or something. It's a bit hard to come with suggestions, because right now the drums are the center of the attention, so my brain keeps focusing on them, thus making me unable to think of a different beat. If you want to go for something else, save the file with a different name, remove the drums, and experiment! That's probably the best tip I can give you. Also I would suggest keeping a beat up until the change that comes in at 2:30, instead of stopping it around 2:05. Yeah, you need to work a little on the mastering in this part, adjusting volume, panning, etc. BTW: I really love the synth you introduce around 2:09. Reminds me of early 90's rave.
  3. Wow, this was a surprising new turn. I must say this keeps getting better and better, and I really like what is starting to happen after 2:10. Great job on that! Also it's nice to finally hear a bassline in the middle section. Though as you stated, they still need some work. As you are improving on this track it's getting more and more obvious how weak the middle section is compared to the rest. It could just be the drums that are ruining this part of your mix. You really have to do some mastering on them (and maybe some arranging), and it would be nice if that were one of the next things you did, because right now they are ruining the overall impression of your remix.
  4. Good luck! But, I don't think you need any luck, you've got the skills!
  5. Well, I certainly can't help you improve, it's so damn good! I say it's definitely good to go!
  6. Yeah, I totally agree about the percussion, and some variation to the beat. I'll work on that. Thanks!
  7. This is so cool! Can't wait for the next update!
  8. Yeah, I ask the same question, why are there only two mixes of this fantastic OST? I've been thinking about making a mix myself though...
  9. Beoulve

    Ski or Die

    LMAO Anyway, I remember playing Ski or Die on the NES, awesome game, and it would be cool if someone did a remix.
  10. I can't say I recognize it. But I must say that the beat/percussion in this is really great. It's also a very nice melody.
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