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  1. i've bee n all ove r diz sit e and i'm in need fo some beats or at leas t prducerz fo a small indie rap label, anyone can hel p! someone to at leas t help wit my beatz as we ll. tanx?!
  2. goo d be at wo rk, i'd ra p to diz as we ll, i'm kind a lookin fo tal ent to bu ild a label wit, any one intrested?
  3. n ot bad, i'd try to fl ow over th is my self. to bad can 't write rhymes any mo re. anyway. good job! peace out homey! weeestsidde!!!!! hahahaahah!
  4. hey leebro, me ag ain, been workin on new bea t i deasz, ,thanx again fo inspirn me!.
  5. hey man, li ke ur ra p on dance dan ce rev oluti on, u interested, may be workin on remix?, have both majix Music maker,Deluxe and audacity. let me know wa t thin k. thanx!:)

  6. been long ti me i me an't wa t i said though but, as for Asian women singin, i actua lly mean't some thin like bjork, i am orignally fro m Nor way,trond heim. i feel like song make think of true absolute and forbidden love. kool uh? sedure, tanx fo song!
  7. i don't know if it's just me,but this would sound great wit someone singing a sad love ballad to it or somethin. makes me think of the theme from kingdom hearts. my question is: why is it that asian girls can sing so beautifully to music like this? on a track like this, a white girl wouldn't fit cuz white girls tend to whine when they sing,a black girl wouldn't do it justice either, but u get an asian girl to sing on a track like this and Bam! i'd listen to this all the time. but that's just me. i'm lovin this track,especially the choral thing, it comes in at just the right moments. i wish i could come up wit some lyrics to this,but i don't really rap like that. anyways, good work! A Plus on this one. peace and stay frosty!
  8. i'd have to say,and this is coming from a ceo of a large but independant record label mind u, that this is a great mix,and also a great beat that i'd probably rap wit,the one beef i do have would be that at the end,do a kind of fade out to end wit a repeat of the first part,the one wit the guitars,other than that great job man,maybe i can give u a job on my label as a producer or somethin,i really like ur style wit this mix. Peace and stay frosty!
  9. it might seem like the lyrics are chezzy in a way,but who cares,this is ddr he's rappin about for cryin out loud,no one's gonna go platinum rappin like this but i give sgx biggg props,big props. you did this remix justice. peace!
  10. i suck at ddr just like most peeps,even though i took hiphop dance lessons for a year when i was 15,it doesn't prepare you for wat u gotta do on a ddr game, about sgx's rappin, the lyrics might be chessey sure,but this is ddr he's rappin about so wat do u expect? no one is gonna go platinum like eminem rappin about ddr,but anyways. i give u biggg props sgx,big props. u did this remix justice. i love it! peace and stay frosty!
  11. i've never really played castlevania(go ahead,laugh at me) but i know a really good hiphop beat when i hear one, but sometimes with beatmaking, you make a beat that would just be absolutely defiled if you put lyrics to it,no matter how good of a rapper you are, not even 2pac or biggie could touch a beat like this,and their supposedly the best out there(despite being dead that is) i'd laugh if anybody said that eminem could rap to somethin like this, your outta ur f'ing minds if you say that. Peace and stay frosty!
  12. although i'm quite new to this site, i've checked out some of scott's other mixes, i'd have to say this is one of my favorites and one of the first mixes i listened to when i first checked out the site, great work on this one, i really loved the orchestra strings, check out scott's goldeneye remix aka hacker, it's also a really good one too! Peace and stay frosty!
  13. for a long time i've been looking for the right style of beat to rap on and i think this is it, acid, isn't it? i'm considering making a remix of this remix only wit a rappish style sound to it. maybe i'll throw in some lyrics too,why not? only thing is, like djpretzel says,there isn't really somethin that comes out and kicks ur ass,if i remix this,i'll throw in some turntable effects and possibly some guitars as well to beef it up, other than that, great track leebro, you've helped me find my right style of beat to rap with cuz i haven't been able to make tracks like this myself to rap on, i'm only using magix music maker for ps2,so u can guess wat things sound like. anyways, keep it up man! Peace!
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