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  1. I like how 2 reviews counts as inflated for Starfox Command Btw, I'm guessing that you're a contract employee no? Most testers are, so...
  2. Has there been no real news/screenshots/vids of Tales of the Tempest yet?
  3. Just read the article, pretty interesting...especially when they noted that LocoRoco didn't sell (and saying it was like a Nintendo-style game). Seems like many of the avid Sony supporters I see (in the US at least) are graphics whores and don't often care how fun a game is if it's not really pretty (and do often call Nintendo games "dumb" and "childish," and go off about how Nintendo games have "bad graphics"), so it seems like trying to market a game like that on the PSP is trying to market it to the wrong audience. Then again, Katamari Damashi are Sony platform-exclusive and those seemed to sell well, despite not having stunning graphics. Meh, I dunno, just my take on it.
  4. Hopefully some news will be given about SSBB during GC, cuz that's some pretty boring/repetitive discussion happening on this thread lately .
  5. Hopefully some news will be given about SSBB during GC, cuz that's some pretty boring/repetitive discussion happening on this thread lately .
  6. Maybe instead of being a Square-Enix and Nintendo whore you should check out other quality offerings like Contact and Deep Labyrinth. Maybe instead of being an Atlus whore, you should let people buy what they want. I'm not forcing anything on anyone. I'm broadening horizons. I dunno, calling someone a "whore" seems pretty forceful to me. Might be just me, though. :/ I'd also say that Phthisis is a little biased, given that he works for Atlus . Reguardless, the more of Contact I see the more I want it (when is it released stateside?). Of course, I still desperately want a Fire Emblem to be released to the DS and am really looking forward to FFIII (I'm sure as hell not as Square-Enix whore, and I'm only attracted to Nintendo games that are fun...and that tends to be, well, most of them these days ). Yay for the DS, yay for choices, yay for games!
  7. http://ds.ign.com/articles/718/718167p1.html This is starting to sound much more intriguing. When I first heard about it, I was thinking the Megaman Zero series with more gimmicks . I've been pretty disenchanted with the MM series as of late...MMX5 and on really started killing it for me (though I played MM: Network Transmission on GC and found that to be rather fun...same with the Zero series for the most part), so I'm glad to be finally excited about an original (as in not re-packaged) MM game again! If I keep hearing good stuff about it coming closer to release, I may just have to get it.
  8. The first two games I bought for the DS were WarioWare: Touched! and Mario Kart DS. When it comes to WarioWare games I gotta say, I'm a fan (people complain saying it is somehow not for the hardcore gamer, but I don't really know why since it's fun as hell, not to mention addictive ). Then, of course Mario Kart DS is great (good, classic Mario Kart gameplay). I never regretted either of those being the first two games I bought for the DS, but I think all the suggestions so far have been good ones.
  9. This is my #1 favorite OC Remix of all time. I've been going to OC Remix for the music for many years now (though only recently did I join the forums), but this is the one that's had the greatest impact on me. Not only is it a great remix (that's a given!), but it really brings me back to when my friends and I at the UW dorms the first year would much more constantly listen to OCRemix. Brings back lots of great memories listening to it, not even related to OoT. In fact, this remix was one of the main reasons I decided to play the game in the first place.
  10. That'd be crazy to run outta time on that. Admittedly I'm not good at that stage (I get an average of 3 trophies), but I couldn't imagine using the time limit juggling those trophies without missing any .
  11. Lunar Knights is gonna be such a cool game IMO. Still no release date though huh?
  12. Closer to 6 times, since the GC disc capacity was about 1.5gb and dual layer dvds hold 8.5gb. I agree there's no technical reason to drop characters, stages, etc but there should be more of a limit on characters IMO. I'd love to see a bunch of new characters in the game, but at the same time I don't want too many characters, so for that reason I think it'd be alright if they dropped a few current characters in favor of new blood. Of course, if they added a bunch of new characters without dropping anyone, I wouldn't complain too loudly either .
  13. Yeah it does. It looks pretty cool, I wouldn't mind giving it a go.
  14. LOL, yeah Shadow is fuckin' emo...with a gun. Yeah, CE is right...the sense of humor Kojima has put into MGS really fits with it. Hell, even if MGS didn't have those funny moments (I especially enjoyed the first teaser for MGS 4) he'd still fit. Fire Emblem isn't funny/cartoony, yet Roy and Marth are in there. Anyway, forgive the pun, but it looks like it'll be a BLAST to play as Solid Snake in SSBB (OMG 2 FUNNY! ), though personally I'm looking most forward to playing as Pit.
  15. A bat or club actually works better in a jabbing motion if used in a fight, since it is way more time-consuming and way less acccurate to swing. Anyway...Lloyd would be pretty cool. But if from Namco, Kalas would be cool to see too (I know speculation of him being in the game has been brought up before). Just outta curiousity, how many people here played Tales of Symphonia compared to Baten Kaitos? It seems like either more people played ToS, or people just didn't care for Baten Kaitos .
  16. I'm pretty sure it's the guy that Ganon is disguised as/possessed in A Link to the Past Interesting...I should probably get to Link to the Past eventually .
  17. Going from Great_Deku's additons: Black Knight Bowser Baby Bowser Captain Falcon Crono DeDeDe Donkey Kong Dr. Mario Ephraim Falco Fox Ganondorf/Aghanim Hector Ice Climbers Ike Jigglypuff Kalas Kirby Link Luigi Lyn Mario Marth Metaknight Mewtwo Mr. Game & Watch Ness Lord Pent Pichu Pikachu Pit Princess Peach Ridley Roy Samus/zero Suit Samus Snake Sonic Young Link Wario WW Link Zelda/Sheik Count: 41 Characters Key: Black are characters from SSBM. Blue are known 1st/2nd party additions. Red are known 3rd party additions. Indigo are 1st/2nd party suggestions. Orange are 3rd party suggestions. Btw, who is Aghanim?
  18. Yeah, once I see more sources which verify I'll start to believe (it's only been 1 source that several sites have been using, so it seems more disreputable). Btw either way with Ike from FE: PoR, I'd still want him from the game (why have FE characters in SSBB which were in games that weren't internationally available when they have a potential character that is! )
  19. I'm not sure what your reasoning is for wanting Pit to be the only oldschool character which didn't go into further generations; are you saying you'd just prefer to have more recently created/used characters in SSBB? The Ice Climbers weren't in anything else as I recall either, and a lot of people comment on liking them, so I don't know why you'd want one character being "representative of that period." Speaking of the Ice Climbers, there seems to be double talk going on. Some have been saying that whole thing is a rumor, others a lie, and other people have just been accepting it. So, which is it really? Is there actually reliable info on this?? EDIT: I guess we have the answer above huh?
  20. We don't need more pokemon or Krystal IMO . As much as I'd want Ridley (whatever form) to be in the game too, like people said before it's not likely for him to be a playable character cuz he's such a big character. My vote for a non-Nintendo character would definitely be Chrono or Simon Belmont (especially Chrono ). Lots of people have said this, but it'd be nice if they did something about all the clone characters. People have suggested this before, but I'd like it if Dr. Mario were just a costume option for Mario since they have the same moves but one throws pills instead of fireballs. I'd be for either taking out Young Link and replacing him with Windwaker Link (I wouldn't want 3 separate Links, especially since there are already enough Zelda characters), or make him more different from Link. I also would be in favor of getting rid of Pichu, and taking out either Marth or Roy in favor of Ike. I'd kinda wanna see Paper Mario in there too, but I definitely won't be too disappointed if he doesn't make the cut (oh, I'm just so clever ). Just like with Link, though, I wouldn't want 3 separate Marios...so I kinda hope they take out Dr. Mario or make him an alternate costume. Oh, and I'm sure if Nintendo really wants to plug their new IP, they'll be putting in a Project H.A.M.M.E.R. character as well . It might be kinda cool.
  21. Ganon/Ganondorf won't be in TP. They said that this game will feature a completely new villian. Whoops, I'm behind the times a little .
  22. Here's a random thought I had. They changed Link's design from the Ocarina of Time version to the Twilight Princess version right? Do you think that's what they'll be doing with, say, Ganondorf's design as well (not that we've even seen the TP Ganon yet)? I guess since the OoT and TP versions of Link aren't all that different, that it could be argued it is more of an updating rather than an entirely new design. Do you think characters like Ganon and Zelda aren't so much going to be new designs as just updated like Mario?
  23. You know, that that I've read a bit about Magical Vacation, I'm very intrigued. Seems like the DS is gonna have a variety of good RPGs coming out soon.
  24. I assume that means transformation. I'd disagree. I think what they're saying is that it's another Samus, instead of an entirely new character. I'd bet they'd say the same thing if like Paper Mario were to debut in the game as well (just an example, but you get the picture). Well, reguardless, we'll see when it comes out (or when more info becomes available).
  25. I think they're just giving the backstory on it. It's from Zero Mission, when she loses her suit and all her powers and stuff. So, I'm pretty sure she's going to be selectable, with Samus in the varia suit another selection. Don't despair yet!
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