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  1. Well, this is another great remix. Damn. What else to say...I haven't played either of the games that this is a remix of. While there are some repeating things, Hudson managed to disguise it well enough that I can't even explain how they exist effectively. The choral stuff is done well and doesn't dominate the piece, instead working with the music. I've listened to it several times, and haven't gotten tired of it yet. 9.3 out of 10 on the CRAZY MAN'S SCALE. My favorite part is the bit where the melody breaks away for a second. It just feels neato.
  2. Okay, I thought I posted this before but apparently it got vaped. Since I'm lazy I'll be quick in posting this again. I think. In other words, you don't get the benefit of my whole spiffy review. In short, the only thing bad about this remix is that it doesn't have 'replay value', something which I think is important for music as well as the video games everybody's remixing from here . I like it, especially the intro, and the singing isn't that bad but in order to get a 9-10 it needs to make me want to listen to it again and again. Team Gato is the exception because it's a humor thing, of course, (though I did listen to it several times ) 8 out of 10
  3. I suggest playing Chrono Trigger before getting this remix. It will help with the humor value. However, aside from that, I was so surprised when I first heard this that people actually had the 'amazingness' to perform this...And then do different versions of it! I was like 'KickaHAHAHAHAHHAA' the HAHAHAHAHA because it was so damnded funny. The nostalgia hit me too, man, remembering back when I was a young lad and I spent all my days beating up Gato for Silver points. Ahh... 11 out of 10, the extra point goes to convincing me that the woman talking to Gato was a real woman because I had no idea and even after hearing that it was done by only two guys, I thought they may have asked some woman to help them with this. The last bit's the best, of course.
  4. Yes! Indeed! This is one of the most entertaining remixes I've ever heard and while I don't know that -many- of them, this is just kicking and makes me want to hear the rest of the stuff this guy did. The melody is -really- not repetitive, of course this could be attributed to the medley-ish-ness that this has. However, each different 'section', as it were, has a powerful lasting impression and while those synth trumpets sound a tad repetitive, they aren't overdone to make it obvious. I believe they -do- work better synthesized as well. I can't reiterate how kicking the melodies are. Sure, he just did variations on others, but they're differentiated enough to make me drool. Then again, I always like to hear more mellow pieces like Celes's theme made in more upbeat versions. If I did not play the games, I wouldn't know this was a remix but rather music you might hear in a Lunar game or even a bloody movie (one with good music ). (yes, I think it's as good as Lunar, which has my favorite music.) It's the perfect music for any upbeat jazzy town feel. The medley supports this greatly. I give this a 9 out of 10! Booyeh!