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  1. Really well done, I can tell you put your heart and soul into this. I love how the guitar kicks in at the beginning, excellent. One critisim would be your 'Twin Blood' is it based on 'Roar of the Dragon'? Have a listen to Double Dragon II Arranged Tracks, it has 'Roar of the Dragon', its' good, but it is begging to be rocked by you. Please, if you get the chance look into this. I'm not taking anything away from this track though 'The Secrets of Sosetsuken', excellent throughout.
  2. Agreed. The best Castlevania mix I've heard so far. The original castlevania music in general is outstanding (symphony of the Night, Dawn of Sorrow, Curse of Darkness, Battle I, II) and this emphasis this all the more. Well done on a great remix, a remix to be held within the great Castlevania walls. Sorry, I got carried away..
  3. Familiar with the original super Double Dragon, and a favourite. Well done, true to the original. The faster pace really does it justice. Ok, now can we have all the others from the Super Double Dragon game remixed or is that too greedy? Great Remix, thanks.
  4. The original track wasn't that good anyway, but this is definitely better. Reminds me alittle of Devil May Cry or Metal gear...strange maybe, but true. But well done, a good composition; hope to see more of this.
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