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  1. Why Nintendo Power? Their news is almost always old. Well, it sucks because by the time I get my magazine, I already know everything inside it lol. I look at it this way. I'm getting a free magazine subscription with my t-shirt. hehe ya but i don't know why but im getting it for free!
  2. All i got is this. a Zero Picture LT: ...
  3. Also coming in 3 or so months is Mega man ZX (I get my info in NINTEDO Power Magazine.)
  4. I’m not sure why Snake would be there he’s more of a play station thing, and Ridley I think that would be cool…….but odd (but like allwas im probably wrong.)
  5. The DS+Wii hurts my pockets. I don't even want to think about the PS3 Must Blow UP!!!!! BLOW IT UP!!!!!
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