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  1. I laughed when I first heard this Remix, but I listen to it many times everyday! Great Remix, it kicks butt!
  2. I love this remix because of the, well... everything! Everything in this remix is perfect in my opinion. I love this! This should be a night club song! lol
  3. I just love the low bass sound at around 1'17. Nice remix, give us another.
  4. Great percussion in this. I love the solo that starts around 2'14. Great work McVaffe. Keep it up!
  5. This song sounds like a song that would come from the country Greece. lol. I love all Gerudo Valley Remixes, but by far, I like this one the best. I love the guitar in this Remix and percussion also. Must downlaod.
  6. This is a really spooky song in the beginning hearing those Thai bells. But once the song progresses, it is quite soothing to listen to. Great remix.
  7. I love this song because it really lifts your mood. I don't know, this is a fun song, and the transition in this song is excellent.
  8. z0mg! This is one of the best Mario mixes I've ever heard. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
  9. I love the Jazz, Dance, and the Techno blend of this song. Must download for the Mario Remix fans.
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