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  1. Hey badass tune man! I for one did like the voice clips, and having played this game I do recognize the main theme, but this beat you got here is a LOT sweater!! Nice work dude
  2. Although I never thought possible, this is actually even more beautiful than the original To Zanarkand piano solo!! I don't know what to say here... , just, THANK YOU Russel!!
  3. You know, I always HATED the lyrical songs on the Dreamcast Sonic Adventure games, but this is really cool! Great work man, you made something beautiful out of something originally horrid!!
  4. Well, throughout my videogame experences, the hardest boss I've ever come across was: The Egg Viper in Sonic Adventure. The 1st time I faced him I almost went insane. Finally did beat him, and at about 4:20 AM if I recall correctly, and I have gone back and beaten him many times again since.
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