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  1. YES!!!!!!! HELL YES!!! Incredibly kickass!! These dudes are crazy, wild mix!!!
  2. Piano is just - BEAUTIFUL!! A ReMix up to the standard of the game, and thats a HUGE feat!! Beautiful work dude, KUDOS!!!
  3. I love the piano portions and, well just this whole mix!!! Peeples once again comes through in flying colors!!! : BRAVO Scott!!!
  4. I love this guy's ReMixs!! The computer intro is cool as hell, and there's lots of variety in the sound types and effects!! KUDOS Peeples!!!
  5. Yeah man this is a really great mix! Got a great melody behind it with lots of sweat alterations! Nice work Sword, Bravo!!
  6. Sweat beat we got here!!! Great replacement man, this is an excellent tune!!
  7. SO KICKASS!!!!! Dude I never would have expected to hear F-Zero music so laid back and gentle, but this is awesome. One of the greats, excelent tune!!
  8. AHH!! Great to hear a Sonic Adventure ReMix that isn't CHOA!! Liked it veru much man, great work!!!
  9. LOL This IS a very perky ReMix!! It's just damn fun to listen to!! OUTSTANDING work man!!
  10. LOL I like the title Weird sound choices, but I never played this game, so for all I know these could be straight from the '80s! I/m likin this mix, GW dude!!
  11. Hey, excellent idea for a ReMix!! That mission planning music of Rainbow Six always was really cool, so its badass how you could make such a sweat ReMix!! Bravo!!
  12. Ah, Terra's theme. The essance of Final Fantasy VI... Well this peice sure as hell has that essance written all over it! Nice work man, this ones a definate classic!!
  13. Uber creepy dude, perfectly Resident Evil-eske! I always personally thought the music in the typewritter rooms was always way creepier than any of the music throughout the rest of the police station, even though out there you were subject to be eaten alive or pecked to death and in the save rooms you were always perfectly safe!! Well this mix portrays my feeling perfectly, OUTSTANING work man!!
  14. WOW, I NEVER would have expected to hear a ReMix of this!! I first played the ROM of this game (aka "sonic 4") back in 2000, and I never even thought of the music in it as real "game music", what with the game itself being just a beta hack and all. BUT THIS HERE, THIS IS REAL MUSIC!! I'm lovin it dude, excellent work!!!
  15. Dudes, this is OUTSTANDING!! Out of all the Castlevania tracks throughout the site, this one's always been my undoubted favorite!! Thats a badass guitar ear you got there, this ReMix is the shit!!! KUDOS!!!
  16. Hell ya man!! Goemon was the shit, I LOVE how he's made his way into OC_ReMix!!! Great recreation, great additions, great work!! TY!!
  17. Oh man. WITHOUT A DOUBT one of my Top 10 ReMix on the ENTIRE SITE!!! A perfect little tribute to Final Fantasy (and I'm not even talking about the Legendary Frog video!) Great lyrics, painfully addictive , and just overall hillarious!! BRAVO JOE!!!
  18. Oh man, what more can I say that hasn't already been said?! This was the VERY 1st OC_ReMix I EVER HEARD, and had it not been for Music of my Groin, I don't know if my avid love of this community would have ever blossumed!! (Horrible thought!) So THANK YOU Shael, you really have made a difference to at least 1 person! (And the other 97 ppl on this thread AT LEAST! )
  19. OK, its official!!! This is now my absolute FAVORITE Super Mario ReMix on the ENTIRE SITE!!!! Kudos dudes, I can't even say how badass this tune is!!
  20. Holy shit dude!! The soundtrack of NiGHTS into Dreams rates up in my Top 10 OSTs of all time, so you have no idea how phyched I was to find such a great ReMix of one of the game's best tracks!! Perfectly recreated with all the right additions!!! OUTSTANDING!!
  21. Oh man, this sure brings back memories of a classic! The Saturn was a system I still love and appreciate, and to see some Saturn ReMixs is awesome!! Bravo!!
  22. WoAh!!! Wild ReMix man!!! I never really liked this melody before, but I'm lovin this mix!! Kudos dude!!!
  23. Very creepy tune!! Great feeling of an errie little planet off in the far reaches of space Very impressive, very much enjoyed!!!
  24. WOW man! Excellent that you got the tunes from JSRF into a ReMix so well!! I always figured looping and editing vocal clips has gotta be one of the tougher aspects of ReMixing, so bravo on your work dude!
  25. Great tune as usual! OUTSTANDING drum work + already kickin melody = Nice!!!
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