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  1. I assume your talking about the downtown area, so if you want indie music shops you deffinatly want reckless records at 1500 N. Michigan. Just watch out for those Columbia College kids, trust me I used to be one... Have fun though.
  2. BAD ASS! Very ethnic, yet very cool sound. And while I'm usually not a big fan of vocals in my ReMixs, these are quite tight. Kudos for a kick ass mix!
  3. Ah, yet another classic absent from OCR for too long!! Excellent job with the mallet percussion/piano intervals, and the melody change at 1'47 ties in perfectly! Very nice job with a tune that I was afraid had been forgotten!
  4. Klutz, you've done it again!!! You are just insanely talented dude!! I love your ReMixs, best piano work on the site!!! Kudos man, your work pwns!!!
  5. Klutz, you are the man when it comes to the piano!! This is just gorgeous, I could listen to you play all day!! Bravo dude, and keep up the good work!!
  6. Dale!!! You pwn dood!! 1 great ReMix afer another!! I never could have IMAGINED the SMB 3 overworld music as suitable for porno, but Dale streches the barrier once again!!! BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!! Oustanding work man!!
  7. Great stuff man!! Loved this melody originally, and this ReMix is even better!!! Kudos for your great work man!!!
  8. RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!!!!!! Classic game we got here!! Sweat mix we got here too!! djp always come through with mixes of this quality, so this heres no surprise!! Great stuff!
  9. Great stuff man!! AoE had some kickass tunes, but I never would have expected to hear an OC_ReMix of one of them!! I love it man, BRAVO!!
  10. McVaffe is a demigod!! Dude your ReMixs are always so kickass, and I'm lovin this 1 too!! NJ!!!
  11. This DOES sound like Pulp Fiction-eske music!! Those surfer, beach style tunes that helped make that extremely sporadic movie SO FUCKING GREAT!!! Booster was cool as hell too, + Pulp Fiction = !!!! Kudos pretzel!! Keep up the great work!!!
  12. DUDE, YOU KICKASS!!!!! Reel Big Fish has got to be one of my Top 5 favorite bands of ALL TIME, and you've COMPLETELY captured thier style and essance!! BRAVO BRAVO!! I LOVE this mix, it pwns me! LOL
  13. Oh yeah man. This ReMix is deffinalty all that its been made out to be!! Never gotten tired of hearing this one, it just, POPS! Kudos man, I really liked it!
  14. Astounding... Completely sparadic mix, innate with wild clip samples and an insane beat!!! We need to hear some more ReMixs from you guys, becuz this pwns here!! Bravo dudes!
  15. Absolutely nuts man!! Wild mix, I love the voice samples! Mario had such great music, and this really does him homage LOL NJ!!!
  16. What can I say, I love it man!!! McVaffe is a lord of OCR!!! Jolly Roger Bay was an excellent tune to begin with, but man is this better!!! OUTSTANDING mix!!!!!
  17. Dude, allow me to say that ReMix DESERVES to be posted next to Peeples' original masterpeice, and that's a HUGE honor as far as I'm concerned!! Beautiful soothing mystical work!! BRAVO man! Bravo
  18. LOL Ya this deffinatly does sound like SoaD, as the majority of the internet not affiliated with OCR beleives it to be by! But in any case, this is a cool mix, with some badass vocals!
  19. Love this ReMix. Always have! The drum work is fantastic, as is the quality and vast variety of sound types!!! BRAVO djp!!!
  20. Oh yeah baby!! Freakin awesome sound effects, great variety of clips!!! Excellent job man!!!
  21. Shael, YOU ARE THE MAN!!! I never heard the original, but you know what, I don't wanna, because I know it can't be better than this ReMix!!! BRAVO Shael!!!!!!!
  22. Kickin tune we got here!! Very pumped up, very good mix!! Kudos man!!!
  23. Dale, you know EXACTLY what it takes to make the AWESOME Christmas ReMixs!!!!!! I love it man, Beautiful work!!!
  24. I love these Christmas ReMixs!!!!! Anytime of the year this tune'll work for me!!! Great work men!
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