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  1. I nabbed this yesterday by lurking i nthe listening party thread and finding the torrent link~ Been listening to it pretty much nonstop between gaming sessions and the whole thing completely blows me away. Loving every minute of it. You've all got my thanks for putting out an amazing project; excellent work by everyone involved.
  2. The second half of this song completely blew me away. I gotta admit, I'm a huge sucker for harpsichord and organs in general, but that... damn! Nothing constructive to add; I just loved every minute of this. Truly remarkable.
  3. I was recently introduced to your music on youtube by a friend of mine and it's really great to see you on OCR now, Kate. You've taken one of my favorite themes from one of my favorite soundtracks/games and wove so much emotion and beauty into it. This brought a tear to my eye; it's simply that wonderful. Never stop making music! Looking forward to your next release~
  4. Woah, this came out of nowhere. I have to reprise Armadon in thinking MMC just came out. Regardless, there was no hesitation in dropping the cash on this for me and I gotta say; this is completely and utterly awesome. You set the bar even higher with each new album you release, never ceasing to impress. I'm only up to Baroque Virus on the listenthrough as I keep repeating tracks, haha. I have to ask; you said Morsecode was done as a tribute to Joshua Morse. Photosynthesis, to me, has a very SGX sound - which is awesome. Were you going for that? Edit: ah, I see the writeup says that son
  5. Local station KJZZ in Arizona. They play a large mix of local news, national shows and NPR thorughout the day, Jazz later at night. I'm fairly certain the advert for that report was an NPR one, but now I don't remember. All I ever listen to is the Morning report and Marketplace in the AM on my way to work, and those are both NPR, but looking over their site I guess they do other stuff too. =/
  6. Ah, more excellence to buy. Always looking forward to new content from you. Worth noting: I heard your music on the radio a few days ago! NPR (National Public Radio) used Ladder to the Sky as background music for a preview of one of thier upcoming reports. I thought that was pretty awesome.
  7. Greetings from a bored lurker. Went with this one because Cave Story is awesome and Sue is cute!
  8. Gotta agree with Star Tropics. Never got around to getting my hands on the second one, but the first game was excellent in every respect (and yes, stupid hard). I don't think I beat it when I was a kid, haha. Also, nobody has mentioned the greatest scrolling shooter EVER, and easily my favorite NES game. Tiger Heli. Amazingly awesome for reasons unknown. I played it for hours on end, though. Two cents from a forum lurker.
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