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  1. Ah, yes, I thought I had seen some language to that effect somewhere before. Thank you for pointing that out. I must remember to be more diligent in my research before posting. Should I go through with this venture, I will let you all know if I get any feedback (and of course, redirect listeners here).
  2. Greetings. I am very much a lurker here at OCReMix, so there's a near-100% chance that no one knows me...but anyhow, I am MrBond, and I absolutely love the music and concept of OCReMix. Anyhow, to the matter at hand... I have a very real opportunity to begin my own radio show (of sorts) at my college. It would essentially entail about two hours a week playing music and talking about...well, whatever I want, I guess. And since 98% of the music I listen to is remixes (90% of which are from here), I pose this query: Would there be any objections if I played music from OCReMix on my radio show? My intentions are these: 1) To spread the joy that is the ReMix 2) To enhance my own understanding and enjoyment of the genre 3) To honor those ReMixers who continue to amaze me with their outstanding talent. My own basic assumption is, that since all this music is free, there would be no problems. However, I don't like making that assumption in this case as it pertains to many (many, many, many) peoples' works, and I'm all for giving credit where credit is absolutely deserved.
  3. I, like many others here, did not know Reuben personally. However, even as a short-time fan of his work, I can say with absolute certainty that his music has deeply affected me and the way I listen to music. Reuben was able to capture the beauty of life that so often is not readily apparent in this world. My heartfelt condolences to the family.
  4. I'm a bit tied up (and by a bit, I mean, completely) with other projects. So if there's someone else out there that wants to take it, especially if that someone needs a job...then go for it. Good luck with your project!
  5. Then I pose another set of questions for ye: How many music tracks will be available? With your hosting, do you have access to PHP or Perl (server-side scripting) or MySQL (database)? Beyond that, I suppose it's a matter of integrating the download system you mentioned earlier, and pointing the PayPal stuff in the right direction.
  6. Sounds manageable. Do you have some sort of hosting plan set up already, zircon?
  7. Oh, no no no...I'm not complaining! I like it quite a bit. No point other than simple observation.
  8. I can definitely hear instrumentation from DarkeSword's previous work, especially his Grandia II -- A Deus ex Harpa (Second Seal Mix) and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes -- Torvus Clockwork mixes.
  9. After some of goat's Castlevania mixes, this one seems comparatively scaled back. Regardless, I totally dig the rock-out style, and the classic Contra touch is always the icing on the cake. Well done.
  10. 0:16 got my attention, but then, at 0:51....SOLD! My one gripe about it would be the snare. I don't think it particularly cooperates with the overall style, but the rest is beautiful. Remixing an already excellent source is really tough, so kudos to DarkeSword for doing a very nice job. The original track is one of the few scores to ever (and I mean EVER) give me a true sense of urgency while playing a game.
  11. Wow, heh heh....this one caught me offguard. The slow start lead me to believe something of a considerably slower nature was to follow. Silly me for doubting the writeup. Lesson learned. A delightfully upbeat and considerably..."Frenchy" tune. Very awesome.
  12. I've never played Shadow of the Colossus, but even so... This is a spectacular mix. Very few pieces of music make me drift to other places, but this one does. I especially love the vocals -- very fitting to this more ambient and environmental mix. A keeper through and through. Nice job.
  13. Um....wow. I didn't realize something so simple could be expanded so much. While I normally appreciate symphonic or orchestral mixes a lot more than others, this one is quite unique. Definitely a keeper for my playlist. Nice job, aluminum!
  14. Well now...a very nice rock mix. I'll admit the first vocals put me off a little bit, but the rest of song kicks some certifiable ass. Nicely done.
  15. ... How can one say anything that could properly appraise this remix? No word has been invented (and may never be) that could adequately represent the musical masterpiece known as "Little Mac's Confession"...
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