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  1. Groovy as hell. Really like the basslines on funky mixes, this is no exception. On a side note. I was directed here from Totalbiscuit's Content Patch on youtube. One name jumped out as he read the track credits: Shane Gaalaas. I thought, is that the same guy who played with the Japanese group B'z? Sure enough, the link on the track page goes to his site, and it's unmistakably the same Shane Gaalaas I saw killing it on drums in the 2003 concert DVD "Typhoon No 15" over a decade ago. I just thought that was an awesome coincidence that this guy is part of 2 things I really like.
  2. Huh. Well i'm going to say medium, but is there somewhere we could look up inch measurements of the shirt sizes? Like on the manufacturer's page or somewhere? I can think of 3 M shirts I have, and all are different fits.
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